June 1, 2023
Vitaly Korotich

Vitaly Korotich

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, I just looked at our previous comments, where we expressed the hope that Biden would not go to the presidential elections. And, frankly, I thought that he sometimes reads our notes with you. (I’m joking.) But he didn’t even seem to see them. And he put forward his candidacy for the presidency. How do you explain this conflict?

– You know, presidents, I think most of them do not read newspapers. And they don’t watch TV. Once upon a time, they are busy.

Several times I had the opportunity to observe how in the morning such a small daddy was handed over to the president, and in the daddy there is everything that yesterday was interesting on radio, television, in the newspapers.

What kind of president do you mean?

– I saw such a daddy, which was prepared for Gorbachev. I don’t think it’s just for him.

The president is very much influenced, sometimes much more significant than we think, by the person who forms his impression of the world around him. Which “cuts off” it from some information and “overwhelms” it with others, and so on.

But, one way or another, when we talk about Biden, in order to push him to the top, it was necessary that the situation that is now in America develop …

– And what is this situation?

– Absolute bezrybe.

There is no one in the Democratic Party who is superior to Biden now.

And Republicans have 70 percent around Trump. Whereas California Governor Gavin Newsom, in whom many believed and who, indeed, at first glance, is very suitable for this position, is gaining only 30 percent in all polls.

Therefore, Biden now decides to go. He turns out to be the same cancer – on bezrybe.

How about health…

– Once upon a time, the greatest American president of the 20th century, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, pulled America out of the Great Depression, out of World War II, and in general – managed to do a lot of things.

And he became the first US president to be elected by Americans for the third time in a row.

But after the third election he took and died. And then a law was passed stating that an American president can never be elected more than twice.

And Roosevelt was unconditional in this sense, yes …

– Found with whom to compare Biden! Although, Roosevelt moved around in a wheelchair …

Yes, he contracted polio when he was young. And that’s why he was paralyzed.

It was Roosevelt who was present at the most important meetings in Tehran and in the Crimea, which largely decided the fate of the twentieth century, with Stalin and Churchill.

Yes, he was taken there in a wheelchair. And this did not frighten the Americans at all.

– Vitaly Alekseevich, I know that you are still corresponding with your American friends … What do they think about all this? I mean, of course, American modernity.

– But my overseas friends are not professional politicians. They want a president with whom they can live like human beings.

It’s just that they are very frightened by the fact that Biden says and performs actions that may well lead to the Third World War.

If now the leaders of a number of countries (except for the collective West) are negotiating among themselves, building equal partnerships … Then this very so-called collective West looks like a team of such obedient employees, with one boss – the American president.

– Understood. So what will happen, what to expect in the coming months? Let’s not look into the electoral year 2024 for now.

– There will be a big storm.

Or they will finally compromise Biden. Or … – Trump.

Already prostitutes were “set” on him, and whoever was not put forward against. And he still holds 70 percent of his votes.

That is why, I believe, in the near future we have to wait for some new compromising campaigns against the already named applicants.

And then – look: after all, there have not yet been any one-on-one discussions, there have not been any primaries – primary elections. After that, the final development and nomination of worthy candidates will begin.

You see, there aren’t enough of them.

– That is, you want to say that both Democrats and Republicans can nominate new ones?

– Certainly.

So, the American election campaign is far from over yet.

And some constructive idea may appear in the USA. And everyone is waiting for her.

– Understood. Let’s be optimistic. Thank you.

– I you too – firmly. Good luck!

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