June 6, 2023
Tatyana Bulanova with her fiancé Valery Rudnev.  Photo: social networks.

Tatyana Bulanova with her fiancé Valery Rudnev. Photo: social networks.

The star of the 90s Tatyana Bulanova spoke about the gift that her fiancé Valery Rudnev made to her. On the eve of the wedding, the businessman presented his beloved with a restaurant in the center of St. Petersburg. According to the artist, the institution costs 50 million rubles.

“In early June, a restaurant will open, to which I will have an absolutely direct relationship. Of course, I’m not very good at this, but all hope is for Valera, ”said Bulanova in the program“ You won’t believe it! ” on the NTV channel.

Valery not only paid for the restaurant, but also laid out a tidy sum for its arrangement. The 35-year-old entrepreneur is crazy about his 54-year-old fiancee and spares no money for her. In the new restaurant, Tatyana will be a full-fledged hostess. The institution will be named after her, in addition, the singer will regularly give concerts there.

In November, the chosen one of the artist proposed to her and gave her a ring. Now the bride and groom are planning a future celebration. According to Bulanova, the wedding will take place this summer. Tatyana and Valery have been together for three years. They met in a restaurant with mutual friends.

The singer agreed not only to get married, but also to change her last name. Bulanova is her maiden name. The artist did not change her either in her first marriage to musician Nikolai Targin, or in her second marriage to football player Vladislav Radimov. Now she is ready to take her husband’s surname. In addition, the couple is thinking about getting married. But the artist is not going to conclude a marriage contract with her future husband. Tatyana says that their relationship is based on mutual trust. Already now, all the real estate that Valery acquires, he draws up in the name of his future wife. After the wedding, the newlyweds plan, as now, to live in Bulanova’s large country house.

The groom is 19 years younger than Tatyana, but the age difference does not bother the couple. Valery managed to get along with the artist’s children – 15-year-old Nikita and 29-year-old Alexander.

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