June 2, 2023
View of the castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin in the village of Gryaz near Moscow.

View of the castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin in the village of Gryaz near Moscow.

Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

The family of Alla Pugacheva has been living in Israel for more than a year, and all this time the disputes about the fate of the castle in the village of Gryaz have not subsided, for which the Russians for some reason are worried as if they were their own. The palace was proposed to be nationalized and given over to an orphanage. And popular rumor has repeatedly “sold” the mansion – they say, Maxim Galkin got rid of the choir for 1 billion rubles. And lately, this version has become more insistent.


The castle in Gryazi, decaying without owners, the Primadonna allegedly tried to sell since the fall. This news was launched into the press by Sergei Dvortsov, the concert director of the late “chocolate hare” Pierre Narcisse, who claims that he is personally acquainted with Alla Borisovna.

– There was a man, I won’t name him, a well-known businessman who wanted to buy a star mansion. I have already made a deposit, but asked to drop the price tag to 700 million rubles. Alla Borisovna did not give in, – Dvortsov shared the details of the failed deal and intrigued even more. – They say that a new buyer has already been found and does not require discounts – he is ready to pay the whole billion at once.

And last week, television men visited the village of Gryaz. And they were stunned: a white foreign car could be seen behind a high fence, and as soon as twilight thickened, a light suddenly turned on in one of the windows. Screaming headlines immediately flashed: “Pugacheva sold the estate.” But the mystery shopper was in no hurry to reveal his identity…


And then Stas Baretsky appeared on the arena – an ex-member of the Leningrad group, the owner of the funeral business and a loud-voiced showman, who consistently gives out “sensations” every quarter. Once he assured that Loboda gave birth to his youngest daughter, and Friske’s body was not in the grave. Now it’s the turn to hype on Pugacheva.

– I said a long time ago that I was going to buy a castle. We were just negotiating – we met in the Baltics and in Israel. All seriously, traded. And now the transaction has passed, respectively, I can safely talk about it. If you need the exact amount, then the castle cost me 450 million, plus or minus, – Baretsky announced the purchase of real estate in Gryazi. “Now I will build the largest crematorium and mortuary in Europe there. I will paint the facade black for the surroundings. Of course, Pugacheva is not very happy that there will be a ritual center. But apparently she needs money…

Stas Baretsky.

Stas Baretsky.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

According to Baretsky, Alla Borisovna is already taking things out and, contrary to the agreements, even “rips off the tiles from the walls.”

From such statements, even the main gossips of show business, who know everything about everyone, were stunned. And suddenly such a deal passed by ?!

– It’s a lie! – with an expert air denied the sale of the castle, the heroine of the talk show Anna Kalashnikova, who has “many mutual friends” with Pugacheva. – The mansion is not sold and Maxim does not plan to sell it. There still lives a large staff of servants, Alla Borisovna’s driver. For the protection of the castle, the Primadonna gives about 500 thousand rubles every month. Another 150,000 is paid to the pool cleaner and gardener.


In the meantime, while the “informed” show business is arguing among themselves, the KP.RU website managed to look into official documents. We checked what Maxim Galkin owns in Russia today, because it was for him, and not for Primadonna, that the possessions in Gryazi were registered from the first days.

Disputes about the fate of Pugacheva's castle in the village of Gryaz do not subside, for which the Russians for some reason worry as if they were their own.

Disputes about the fate of Pugacheva’s castle in the village of Gryaz do not subside, for which the Russians for some reason worry as if they were their own.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

So, for starters, the showman turned out to be the owner of a three-room apartment in the residential complex “Tsarskoye Selo” near the Novye Cheryomushki metro station. Housing on 103 sq.m., which now costs about 45 million rubles, Galkin got from his mother in the “zero”. Apparently, it is expensive as a memory, so the comedian is in no hurry to get rid of a modest three-ruble note for a star on the outskirts of Moscow.

In the fleet of the Prima Donna’s husband, who once changed luxury foreign cars like gloves, today there are only two “swallows” who have seen the views. The first is a dark blue Bentley Arnage, which the artist purchased in 2003 and called the “closet car”. Galkin used this limousine to tour Russia (of course, there was always a driver behind the wheel). The second car is a 2008 Mercedes-Benz.

And most importantly: the castle in the village of Mud is still owned by the comedian. In the documents, it is represented by three buildings. The first is the main house, the same six-story palace with an area of ​​1867 sq.m. with greenhouses, a winter garden, a smoking room, a fireplace room, a library, elevators and secret passages. The second building is a bath complex and a swimming pool with an area of ​​571 “square”, where Alla Borisovna did all the cosmetic procedures (specialists came to her house). Well, the third house on 29 sq. m. – a room for protection.

The land on which the estate was built also remained in the ownership of Maxim Galkin up to a centimeter. Last year, studying the declared wealth of the showman, the KP.RU website discovered that the territory of the palace, according to documents, is a “puzzle” of 16 land plots with a total area of ​​21.2 thousand square meters. or 212 “acres”. The smallest land object is only 102 sq.m., the largest is 2500. This list is presented unchanged in recent documents. Moreover: over the year, Galkin’s declarations have not changed one iota – they contain all the same cars, an apartment and other real estate. Therefore, no matter how much gossip in show business, the showman did not begin to sell his property in Russia.


“No one will mess with a foreign agent”

Star lawyer Andrei Alyoshkin is sure that even with a strong desire, Maxim Galkin will not be able to get rid of the castle.

– Firstly, it is extremely problematic to withdraw such large sums abroad: due to current restrictions, this financial asset runs the risk of remaining in Russia. Well, and most importantly, Galkin is a foreign agent: because of this black mark, it is unlikely that anyone will contact him, – Alyoshkin explained to KP.RU. – Indeed, under the new law, any person who enters into financial relations with a foreign agent – whether it be a buyer or a tenant who transfers money to Galkin *, or a realtor to whom the showman pays for services, can be recognized as an affiliate. And this is a time bomb that risks turning into big problems for the citizens of the Russian Federation.

* Maxim Galkin is recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

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