May 30, 2023
Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.



Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shae questioned the sovereignty of the post-Soviet countries. And he said that Crimea was originally Russian.

– There is a story where Crimea was originally part of Russia. It was Khrushchev who offered Crimea to Ukraine, but during the time of the Soviet Union, – the ambassador answered the host’s question about Crimea, and then allowed even greater sedition in relation to the post-Soviet republics that became independent states.

“In international law, the countries of the former Soviet Union do not have a valid status, since there is no international agreement that would materialize their status as a sovereign country,” the Chinese diplomat explained the situation with them.

What caused a storm in a teacup in the Baltic republics. The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already summoned the Chinese Ambassador to Tallinn, wishing to receive clarifications and hand over a note. Small but very proud Latvia and Lithuania also expressed dissatisfaction.

Particularly touching is the dissatisfaction of the latter, which last year itself “erased” itself from the “globe of China”, arranging uniform tantrums and pursuing a demonstratively unfriendly policy towards the PRC.


The Financial Times reported that the head of Naftogaz Ukrainy, Oleksiy Chernyshov, held talks with American energy giants ExxonMobil, Halliburton and Chevron. According to Ukrainian officials, the negotiations will make it possible to replace Russian supplies to Europe in the coming years.

It is not clear only from where the high contracting parties will take gas. Is it from a Russian gas pipeline? It is no less interesting that one of these large companies, in general, decided to negotiate with someone from Ukraine on gas supplies. The logical conclusion is that someone is lying. And, most likely, this is the Ukrainian side. Which, by the way, has so far left the British company Shell alone, from which Ukraine a few days ago demanded to give it 1 billion US dollars free of charge.

There is another option that it was a group of managers from a company that provides cleaning services for these energy giants. In simple terms, cleaners.


According to the Bloomberg agency, which received this information from its sources, the European Union plans to impose a ban on the transit of a number of goods through the territory of the Russian Federation as part of the eleventh package of sanctions against Russia.

The transit ban will cover numerous technologies and other goods, including several types of vehicles, but not all goods will be banned from transit through Russia, according to people familiar with the proposals. As the agency emphasizes, the new package of sanctions “is unlikely to be directed” against the state corporation Rosatom, since there is no consensus in the EU on this issue.

Surprisingly, Russia in this respect was even in a more advantageous situation than Ukraine. Several Eastern European EU countries have imposed a ban on the supply and even transit of agri-food products from Ukraine through their territories and without any sanctions.


– At the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, if the conflict continues, if the Russians are still attacking, it will mean that they are attacking us and our values. And, in my opinion, Russian athletes cannot be accepted in Paris if the conflict continues, – the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said the other day and clearly inspired the Ukrainian departments with her statement.

The Ministry of Sports of Ukraine has banned its athletes from participating in competitions where Russian or Belarusian athletes compete. And the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (an oxymoron phrase) condemned the holding of a Slavic festival in France, since there would be citizens of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Belarus on the same stage.

The IOC has already criticized Ukraine’s decision to ban its athletes from competing with Russians and Belarusians.

“Obviously, this is already too much, because the interests of athletes should be at the center of all our discussions,” said the director of the communications committee, James McLeod.

Strange naive people are sitting in this IOC. Do they really not understand that Kyiv does not care deeply about not only the interests of athletes, but even the right to life of all Ukrainians?


Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, according to Newsweek, is demanding that the West take a more active role in maintaining the arsenal provided to Ukraine. Including, we are talking about the placement of repair bases of Western military equipment closer to the combat zone.

– I am sure that our partners could hire such specialists, and we will do our best to organize their visit to Ukraine. We have been offering our partners assistance in providing maintenance as close as possible to the battlefield for a long time,” Reznikov told reporters of the publication and complained. – It is very difficult to send a tank for repairs to Europe. If specialists came here with access to the necessary documents, it would be very helpful.

Here is the correct solution. We are all for. It is necessary to gouge not only tanks, but repair bases. The strategic mind of the Ukrainian minister is immediately visible.


According to experts, Ukraine is starting a new trade and transport war. And this time – with their European friends. Analysts consider this a retaliatory blow to the ban on the import and transit of Ukrainian products by the EU countries.

According to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov, Kyiv has no other options than ports on the Danube, and this primarily means deepening the channel on the Bystry canal, the beginning of which has already caused protests in Bucharest. The Romanians believe that this will lead to the shallowing of the Sulina Canal and a serious reduction in navigation in Romania itself, and will also destroy the ecosystem of the Danube Delta.

On this front, unlike the military conflict with Russia, Kyiv has every chance to win. Especially if the US helps the Ukrainians here.


Andriy Danilko (Verka Serdyuchka), who has been just blushing and breathing Russophobia in recent months, unexpectedly got “in the face” from the “Ridial Vlada of Nenka Ukraine”. He/she was forced to cancel his/her tours in the USA and Canada, as he/she fell under the ban on traveling abroad under the new rules.

– We have a large team, all from different parts of the country, and not everyone had time to complete the documents necessary to travel abroad according to the new rules. We could not go on tour with an incomplete cast, because the quality and level of our shows depend on each member of the group,” Danilko said.

What kind of tour? A machine gun in the teeth, a chevron with a unicorn for camouflage – and under Bakhmut, where the fighters have been waiting for Verka for a long time, but at the worst they can get away with Andreyko. Fatherland danger!


“The courts have already issued 7 sentences against individual clerics who sided with the enemy,” the head of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk, reported on the results of his work against the UOC. – Also, based on the materials of the SBU, the citizenship of Ukraine was terminated for 19 priests of the UOC, and criminal cases were initiated against 61 clergy of the UOC based on the materials of the SBU.

– Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia is switching to the use of national currencies when paying for energy resources and plans to abandon the dollar and the euro. Settlement mechanisms will be created only in national currencies.

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