June 1, 2023
A shot from the movie trailer.

A shot from the movie trailer.

Photo: YouTube

The authors of the new film adaptation of Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita continue to warm up audience interest in anticipation of the premiere. Project release date not specified, but more and more information leads are added. So, on April 28, it became known that the producers still managed to agree on the rights and use the name of the novel in the title of the film. Now it will be called not “Woland”, as originally planned, but “Master and Margarita”.

In addition, following the teaser of the picture, the first full-fledged trailer for the project was released.

In the video, we see almost everything the same as in previous adaptations (by Vladimir Bortko and Yuri Kara): gatherings at the Patriarch’s Ponds, muted noir tones, costumes from the 30s of the last century, terrible and sinister Soviet security officials (Nikita Tarasov), mocking the unfortunate and emaciated writer with bags under his eyes (Evgeny Tsyganov). Only adjusted for the modern Western film market.

In general, from the first frames you can understand that the picture looks like it was prepared not for the Russian audience, but for Hollywood. The ears of Batman and Joker stick out here (Koroviev, played by Yuri Kolokolnikov, was painted exactly like a crazy comic book anti-hero), there is also a gloomy style of Guillermo del Toro films, and the charm of French burlesque with the Great Gatsby suite and even neo-noir “Babylon-Berlin” – yes, yes, if not for the footage of Moscow, one could confuse the scene with the German capital (or the scenery of the film “Nuremberg”, which at first worked on “Woland”, put into operation five years ago).

In a word, everything is mixed, except for the authentic atmosphere of the Russian novel. Which the audience is waiting for.

Apparently, because Universal was going to release the picture, curtailing its work in Russia after the well-known events.

Perhaps that is why the trailer did not delight the audience. In the comments under the video in social networks – mostly disappointment and comparison with previous versions of the film adaptation of Bulgakov’s great novel.

By the way, earlier Evgeny Tsyganov hinted at censorship and said that the film might not come out. Apparently, he was mistaken again – just like with the assessment of the SVO in the first months of last year.

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