June 3, 2023
Seymour Hersh published sensational data on explosions on "Nordic streams".

Seymour Hersh published sensational data on explosions at the Nord Stream.


He can be called “the world’s No. 1 journalist.” Seymour Hersh was born in the USA in 1937 and at all times was not afraid to tell the truth about the unpleasant affairs of his own government. Back in 1969, he first wrote about the massacre in the Vietnamese village of Song My, where American soldiers killed about 500 civilians.

And this February, Seymour Hersh again published a sensation – according to him, the recent underwater explosion on the Russian-German Nord Stream gas pipeline was a carefully planned action by American intelligence agencies.

Now the 86-year-old journalist is inundated with interview requests from media outlets around the world. And he refuses almost everyone – as Hersh himself told KP, now he is working on a large documentary material about the “policy of containment” (the so-called external doctrine of the White House, which resulted in the Cold War – for example, in 1950, the States entered into the bloody Korean conflict, explaining this precisely by the need to “contain the communists in Asia”).

Therefore, in an interview with KP, the veteran journalist was brief. And he answered only one question: what to do with the numerous attacks of liberal publicists on his investigation. For example, the “free media” accused the classic of relying on essentially unverifiable “sources in the US intelligence community”:

“I write my stories and move on,” Seymour Hersh said in an interview with KP.RU. “I never defend myself, I don’t waste a single second on it. I never doubt and never explain how I learned what I wrote about …

“I have a long history of writing stories that have been challenged and attacked—but ultimately proved right,” Hersh continues. – On that [подход в своей работе] I am relying.

Earlier, another critic of the US government, former member of the “Foreign Legion of Ukraine” John McIntyre, in an interview with KP.RU told on war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the NVO zone.

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