June 3, 2023
On Friday, Vladimir Putin arrived in St. Petersburg to take part in the Council of Legislators.  Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

On Friday, Vladimir Putin arrived in St. Petersburg to take part in the Council of Legislators. Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

On Friday Vladimir Putin came to St. Petersburg to participate in the Council of Legislators. Every year, members of the Duma and the Federation Council gather in the Taurida Palace, where the first, still tsarist, parliament met. This year, the deputies discussed social support for NWO participants and inter-budget transfers to pay for it.

The President in his speech recalled that this year the parliament of modern Russia turns 30 years old.

– Parliamentary status must be constantly confirmed by hard, honest work. The main thing is people’s trust. In the parliamentary agenda, the most important place is occupied by: support for the SVO, protection of the mobilized. Laws for this were adopted promptly. I want to say: thank you for the consolidated joint work, the head of the country said.

Then Vladimir Vladimirovich reminded that there is still a lot of work ahead. The authorities will have to “legally integrate” the new regions.

– It is important to work carefully and systematically so that residents (of new regions – Ed.) feel belonging to a single space, so that the system of labor guarantees will work, and conditions for economic growth will appear. These are our historical lands and native people for us, – Vladimir Vladimirovich noted.

– Many of you have been there. Well, how do they differ from other parts of our people? Nothing! This is part of our people. It is necessary to defend their choice – to return to Russia, – he added.

In the end, Putin said that he was counting on parliamentary diplomacy.

– Our partners or already, one might say, former partners in some countries are maniacally destroying the legal framework and channels of dialogue, trying to impose their views and so-called rules on everyone. What are the rules? Nobody saw them. Who wrote them, these rules? They write somewhere under the covers and do something about it themselves under the covers, but we will not crawl under the covers to them, but we are not going to follow these rules either, the president joked.

The head of the country expects that the parliamentarians themselves will be in contact with their counterparts from other countries. This will help Russia to convey its point of view to the Western elites.

We are not going to self-isolate! We will expand partnerships with those. Who is ready for this. In the same States, there are many people who think the same way as us,” the Russian leader said.

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