June 3, 2023
Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean.

Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean.


– I brought terrible news to your house, Nadezhda! Call the children! – it was these words of Uncle Mitya from the film “Love and Doves” that immediately popped up in my head when I read that Russian President Vladimir Putin, the son of ex-Prosecutor General Igor Chaika and singer Philip Kirkorov were blacklisted Moldova. The prime minister of the republic, Dorin Rechan, declared them undesirable persons on the territory of the republic.

Imagine a picture: Putin arrives in Chisinau, and they tell him at the airport that they will not let him in.

– So I’m going to Kirkorov’s concert, – Vladimir Vladimirovich explains to the Moldavian border guards.

– And there will be no concert, – the Moldavian border guard slyly winks at the Russian president. – By the way, Philip Bedrosovich could not “cross the border by the river” at the next counter, he flies to Moscow on a return flight.

Here is such an ai-nane-nane. Or even ai-danu danu danai, dra danu danai.

Laughter with laughter, but Kirkorov is even sorry. Remember how the hero of Viktor Sukhorukov in “Brother-2” said that Kirkorov was a Romanian, and when he was corrected, they say, a Bulgarian, he only waved it off: “What’s the difference!” And the difference is big, because if Kirkorov were a Romanian, they would not have missed him at home. After all, Moldova today is just a pale copy and an integral part of Romania. There, the Moldovan language is now not Moldovan, but Romanian, and two foreign ministers – Moldovan and Romanian, and the President of Moldova, a citizen of Romania, Maia Sandu, almost weekly visits from Chisinau to Bucharest with reports and to receive guidance. “What would (Mr.) President Klaus Iohannis deign to order?” And domnula Yohannis and happy to break away – leave the CIS, join NATO, apply to the EU, and, okay, you will enter a part of Greater Romania.

– A mysterious creature named Recean said that neither the President of Russia nor Russian officials will be able to enter his country – Moldova, – reacted to the speech of the Prime Minister of Moldova, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. – Well, first of all, no one is going there now. Maybe later… And secondly, there is no such country anymore. Local chiefs sold it to Romania, becoming traitors to their homeland. And there is no point in talking to them about anything. Let people deal with them. And finally decide who they are – Moldovans or Romanians

And he added: “With, of course, the understanding that all sorts of rechans and sandu will respect the sovereignty of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.”

A very necessary and timely posting. So that they don’t get completely excited there, taking advantage of the fact that the thin squeak of a mosquito can not be heard. Probably, in Chisinau they were very proud that Moldova is no longer the poorest country in Europe, but only the second from the end of the tail. This honorary title was taken from her by Ukraine, by the way, even before the start of the NWO. I remember how, even under Poroshenko, Ukrainian experts talked about “rich Moldovan tourists” who were waiting for Ukrainian sanatoriums and rest homes.

By the way, just last week, the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, who flew to the Congress of Friendship of Peoples in Gagauzia, was not allowed into Moldova. He, along with the head of the Ak-Bars holding, Ivan Yegorov, was turned up not at the border, but even before it, they were not even let out of the arriving plane. But they obviously flew in with draft contracts for joint projects. But Moldovans are rich people. They don’t need money or projects.

By the way, the same Dorin Rechan announced that not only Putin and Kirkorov are on the “black list”, there are many more Russians there, but he will not name names, let the Russians find out about this surprise when they try to cross the border. This is such a Moldovan “style”. By the way, I want to express my sympathy to my fellow figure skating commentator from the Match-TV channel Alexander Grishin for the fact that a few years ago, at the Chisinau airport, the local security guard kept him for several hours during interrogations, not letting him into Moldova. Stupid local counterintelligence officers could not understand that in Russia the number of Alexandrov Grishins is somewhat different from one. Colleague, I’m sorry, you suffered for me. I would have surrendered to their “bloody hands”, hardened by corn, but I myself learned about this incident only some time later.

And this just begs for a similar and mirror answer. Include, for example, all those who from the Moldovan side can take part in negotiations on a discount on gas in the Russian “black list”. They will fly to Moscow, and they are at the border: “And who are you? Let’s go back, you are not welcome here.”

Although, on the other hand, it is somehow small. Somewhat green, right? All this fly fuss, which is designed to show that they have everything there, like the “big ones”. Only now the “big ones” do not go on such adventures themselves, but only send “moseks” ahead. As it was last year with Lithuania, which tried to lift its “hind leg” against China. And in the end, Beijing simply “erased” Lithuania from its “globe”. That’s what we need as well. It’s time to stop being kind. Enough for a start.

If only Chisinau did not call Shoigu for interrogation at the prosecutor’s office. And then in Ukraine they were summoned to Mariupol for interrogation by the investigator. And they interrogated. And they could live happily ever after.

PS And I feel sorry for Philip. “For what?” he might have asked in pure Bulgarian with a Romanian pronunciation, had he met Rechan. And I would look down on him. Maybe even spat.

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