June 1, 2023
Chinese Ambassador to France Liu Shaye

Chinese Ambassador to France Liu Shaye

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Ukrainian diplomats should take lessons from the Chinese ambassador to France. They are rude wherever possible, call names, demand, insult and thereby show their own insides. And Mr. Liu Shaye, representing Beijing in Paris, said only two or three purely neutral phrases and pissed off at least four countries (or even more) with them, forcing them to spit in all directions and show their own insides again.

On the air of a French TV channel, the Chinese ambassador, in response to the host’s question about who owns Crimea, replied that “it depends on how you perceive the problem,” since the peninsula “originally belonged to Russia,” and the leader of the USSR, “Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine.” The second phrase, which stirred up the entire Baltic “swamp”, concerned just Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. According to the Chinese ambassador to France, the countries of the former USSR “do not have an effective status in international law, since there is no international agreement that would specify their status as sovereign countries.”

As a matter of fact, the ambassador did not say anything terrible. After all, he did not answer the question of whose Crimea, but only made a brief digression into history and cited facts that are absolutely indisputable. And as for the Balts, then, by and large, he explained what they need to do to increase the effectiveness of their international status.

But what started here? What vociferous howls rushed from Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga, the castrati chapel would envy the height of the notes taken.

– The remarks of the Chinese Ambassador to France on international law and the sovereignty of nations are completely unacceptable. We expect explanations from the Chinese side and a complete refutation of this statement, – said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevich.

The Estonian and Latvian Ministries of Foreign Affairs have already summoned Chinese ambassadors to their respective countries. The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry would certainly do the same, but there is no Chinese ambassador in Vilnius. Beijing lowered the level of diplomatic relations after Vilnius began defiantly pursuing an anti-Chinese policy, for which, by the way, Lithuania raked in economic terms to the fullest, “erasing” itself from the “globe of China.”

Kyiv reacted similarly to the Balts. From there, angry cries were heard about the inadmissibility of such behavior by the representative of the PRC in France, and the ambassador of Kiev in Paris, Vadim Omelchenko, sarcastically remarked that his Chinese colleague might have “problems with geography.” However, he didn’t specify which ones. It is noteworthy that, for example, the repeatedly disgraced German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock Omelchenko did not notice any problems with any of the sciences. And there, not only geography, but at least the history of geometry suffered from a former trampoline jumper.

In general, a wild howl was heard in the European swamps. Such that the Hound of the Baskervilles would run away in fear.

Meanwhile, Mr. Liu did not say anything cardinal. As for some harshness in relation to micro-tigers from the Baltic States, which in relation to China are nothing more than fleas on a dog, it is probably caused (and justified) by the fact that these three fleas began to be carried out at the instigation of the United States and EU leadership a pronounced pro-Taiwan and anti-Chinese policy.

By the way, in August last year, Liu Shaiye already stated quite sharply that the Ukrainian and Taiwanese crisis have something in common – behind them is “a black hand, the hand of the United States.” And, as we can see, this in no way affected the change in Beijing’s foreign policy, which remained very balanced and completely neutral.

As for the scandal, it can be inflated completely from scratch, especially if you really want to. Even just to draw attention to yourself.

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