June 1, 2023
Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of Zelensky's office.  Photo: REUTERS

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of Zelensky’s office. Photo: REUTERS


Who is talking about what, but lousy … sorry, Misha Podolyak threatens China. This disease in this adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine has already passed from the acute stage to the chronic one.

It would seem that just Zelensky achieved the desired, begged Beijing for the opportunity to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping. And he even talked, which increased his authority. Well, Biden still can’t get through to Xi, but he answered Zelensky’s call and picked up the phone. So sit, rejoice for your president. But Podolyak is not like that.

He threatens Beijing again.

– Now China has to make a choice: either it works within the framework defined by international law, and then replaces Russia in the full sense of the word, or China continues to stand aside, and then it will gradually lose its influence, including economic, – he said on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel Rada, explaining that Beijing will have to decide on which side it is playing in the Ukrainian conflict. He also warned China against participating in the work of the Russian defense complex and acting as a defender of Moscow in the information environment and in the sphere of diplomacy. If China wants, they say, to remain a strong player in the economic field, it is necessary to choose the “right” side.

First, even in Washington they don’t stutter about international law, because they understand that their position, as soon as it is correlated with law, is absolutely losing. The owners of both Zelensky and Podolyak talk all the time about “international rules”, which, as Vladimir Putin put it, they themselves came up with somewhere “under the covers”. Secondly, if we talk about law, then there cannot be someone’s “side”. Except as part of the law.

Podolyak threatens Beijing in a way that Peter the Great did not threaten the same Swedes in his time. Recall that some two months ago, Podolyak already “ran into” Beijing. Then he threatened the PRC with an “aggressive reaction” to the possible supply of weapons by China to Russia. At the same time, everyone knew very well that no such supplies exist and are not planned, and that China is clearly neutral in this situation. But Misha puffs up intensely and puffs out his cheeks.

And who, who threatens the richest country in the world (the US has more debt than wealth, to be honest) with economic consequences and an economic crisis? A poor beggar who has learned to ask for pennies in all languages ​​of the world from all countries. Except, perhaps, Zimbabwe, where you can buy about 100 rubles in 10 trillion dollar bills, where a can of beer cost 400 billion local dollars. Some kind of statistical error in the economy, the right word, living only for the reason that they lend it.

And now he has the audacity not just to beg, but to beg brazenly, with claims to his own exclusivity. A demonstration in the style of the ex-ambassador of Kiev in Germany, Melnyk, who brought even the patient Germans to white heat with his boorish antics, but the “offended liver sausage” of the Olaf variety endured all the antics with submissive patience.

The right word, something suggests that Podolyak did not make the best move to strengthen Zelensky’s position, for which we thank him from us. And the “watcher” from Beijing will, of course, come to Ukraine, as promised by Comrade Xi, who always keeps his word. But this is what he will report to Beijing… Clearly not what both Podolyak and Zelensky would like to hear from him.

That’s what a really helpful fool is.

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