June 1, 2023
Philip Kirkorov.

Philip Kirkorov.

Photo: YouTube

When is it possible to get a candid – or at least cunning – interview from our artists? That’s right: when they need to advertise a new project or concert program. So and Philip Kirkorov, touring the country in part of the 55th anniversary, not only is the image radically changed, so he also talked to the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!” about the most secret. “KP” gives some excerpts from the conversation.


“Rhinestones, feathers, scandals … oh, that’s all I don’t like [но со мной это связывают]. I don’t know why these are considered my favorite things. I am building a house now. Well, an apartment. In Moscow. Not a palace, because I get tired of gold, brightness and sparkles on the stage. God forbid, we will build before the end of the year. This [будет дом в стиле] classic minimalism, which is inherent in my life, but not on stage. Life is a contrast. Breaking stereotypes. Everyone thinks that at home I have rhinestones, crystal, gold, diamonds.


“I grew up to 38, in my opinion, years old. Constantly growing (now Philip’s height is about 195 cm). How many centimeters? Well, a centimeter per year. Then he stopped.”


“Here are all the concert costumes [объясняет стилист и помощник артиста Максим Ануфриенко]. There are about twenty-seven costumes for the show. And if you add up the cost of all the costumes, you get about 1 million euros (87.7 million rubles). Only one tunic for the song “Romany” costs 280 thousand euros (24.5 million rubles) – this is a couture Dolce & Gabbana, which was made especially for Philip. The only one in the world.”


“Since childhood, we [в Болгарии] worship the god within. We celebrated all the holidays together – Easter, Christmas, communion. The wonderful godfather Andrey Malakhov is always with us. I was very offended, because with pure thoughts I made that scandalous number [на песню «Мария Магдалена — с крестом], dedication to mother. Is it necessary that this happened? Witch-hunt. I wanted someone to conduct an inquisition. Crazy people wrote letters and demanded that my concerts be cancelled. They lost the trial.”

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