June 3, 2023
Natalya Ionova with her husband Alexander Chistyakov and daughters Lida and Vera.

Natalya Ionova with her husband Alexander Chistyakov and daughters Lida and Vera.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The eldest daughter of Glucose, Lydia Chistyakova, announced that she was not going to continue her education after the 9th grade. The girl said that she would leave school and go to work. The heiress of Glucose decided to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother and become a singer. Lidia recently released her first solo album. The girl herself writes music and lyrics. In mid-June, she plans to give her first solo concert. The young singer performs under the pseudonym Ray.

Together with her mother, Lydia came to the premiere of the cartoon “Yaga and the Book of Spells”, in which she voiced one of the characters. Answering journalists’ questions about plans for the future, the star’s daughter admitted that she was going to leave school.

“To be honest, after the 9th grade I leave to work. But I will deal with exactly those subjects that I really need. I want to sit down and do financial literacy in order to understand something minimal about investments. Because I can always pass the exam, but my nerves are not restored. I’m already very tired, I have a lot of work,” Lydia told the portal Woman.ru.

Glucose's daughter often experiments with her appearance.  Photo: social networks.

Glucose’s daughter often experiments with her appearance. Photo: social networks.

Married to businessman Alexander Chistyakov, 36-year-old Glucose has two daughters. And if the younger, 11-year-old Vera invariably pleases her mother, then the eldest Lida has brought grief to the singer more than once. By the age of 14, the girl was expelled from two schools. From expensive private educational institutions, the heiress of the star flew out for bad behavior. Natalya Ionova is sympathetic to the difficult transitional age of her daughter, because she herself was once a difficult teenager. The artist believes that Lida is too bright and extraordinary girl, so teachers find fault with her.

– Lida is 14 years old, and she has already been expelled from two schools. And they paid big money. She likes to shock and likes to feel emotions when she is not understood and embarrassed by her statements, – Natalia said in the Youtube show “Dzharakhov”.

The singer admitted that Lida was expelled from one school for smoking. Unlike teachers and the director of an educational institution, Glucose did not scold her blood for inappropriate behavior. Instead, Natalya Ionova suggested equipping schools with smoking rooms for high school students.

– Lida and her company were caught smoking. I was called to the director. I understand that Lida can’t cope with this freedom a little. But on the other hand: where do children smoke? They go in the car with their parents – they can’t go there. They don’t leave the school. Well, make a place for children to smoke already! the star called.

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