June 1, 2023
Died 36-year-old daughter of Konstantin Kinchev

Died 36-year-old daughter of Konstantin Kinchev


Maria Kincheva-Panfilova – the adopted daughter of a cult rocker. Married to his second wife Alexandra, he adopted her, raised like family and gave the girl his last name: Kinchev on the passport – Panfilov.

Masha was not as visible as her older half-sister Vera, a theater and film actress, as well as a TV presenter. It is known about the 36-year-old Maria that she graduated from the theater department of GITIS. Recently worked as an executive producer, organizing various shootings.

In 2017, she married Pyotr Gorbachev, who is related to the cinema world. By that time, their son Luka, who was born in 2011, was already growing up. In 2019, Konstantin Kinchev placed drawings of his beloved grandson on the cover of Alisa’s 21st studio album – Salting.

As Express Gazeta reports with reference to the inner circle, Maria’s death was a real shock for the Kinchevs. She was known to be a very religious person who did not abuse alcohol or drugs. People close to the family claim that the young woman died from sudden cardiac arrest. They buried her in the Moscow Church of the Three Hierarchs on Kulishki.

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