June 1, 2023
The characters of the TV series

The characters of the TV series “Gruznya” swear in the parking lot, and this quarrel takes them very far. Photo: Frame from the film

What to do on holidays, when the potatoes are planted, and the barbecue is already turning back? Of course, plop down on the sofa and watch a couple of episodes in one gulp.


“Graznya” (Beef)

Dramedi. USA, Netflix*

In the parking lot of a large store, two people quarrel over a trifle: failed contractor Danny Cho (Stephen Yan) and businesswoman Amy Lau (Eli Wong). Both cover each other for what the light stands, and both are not in a position to just shut up and leave. From now on, Danny and Amy are obsessed with each other. From hate to love…

The series explores the theme of anger in modern society. Even a good person can fly off the coils from constant stress. Both heroes are Asians, and this is no accident: everywhere it is believed that they are patient and avoid conflicts. No matter how!

“Therapy” (Shrinking)

Comedy. USA, Apple TV

Another story in the spirit of “The wife died – and everything collapsed” (remember the TV series “Following Life”). This time around, the heartbroken psychotherapist Jimmy (Harrison Ford) is at the center of the story. He drowns in his grief and is no longer able to listen to clients complaining about life. At some point, the poor fellow spits on the ethics of the profession and begins to give people direct advice: quit your tyrant husband, give vent to anger, etc. Of course, everything goes too far. But paradoxically, this helps both clients and Jimmy himself.

“Wet Dogs” (Rain Dogs)

Black comedy. UK, BBC/HBO

Stripper Costello (Daisy Mae Cooper) is as poor as a mouse (they are underpaid in the leisure industry in England!), feeds her daughter Iris with whatever they find themselves on the street, but it never occurs to them to fall into despair. As well as other cheerful poor inhabitants of London. Fate brings a single mother together with an old and very rich friend Selby (Jack Farthing). He is unhappy because he is bullied by the villainous mother, but he has money to help Costello. But he is driven not just by altruism: a man seems to acquire a family, which, in fact, he never had.

“The Power”

Science fiction, feminist dystopia. UK – Canada, Amazon Prime

Based on the novel of the same name by Naomi Alderman.

One fine day, every teenage girl on earth discovers that they can release powerful electric shocks from their fingertips. These lightning bolts can even kill. Girls quickly learn that they are able to awaken this power in adult women.

Hooray, the weaker sex is now strong! The gender balance on the planet is changing… Starring Toni Colette, Auliya Cravalho and others. Needless to say, the director of the series is a woman (Angla Heiksdottir).

“Love and Death” (Love & Death)

Crime drama, thriller. USA, HBO

Adapted from Jim Atkinson and Joe Bob Briggs’ Proof of Love: A True Story of Suburban Passion and Death.

Candy (Elizabeth Olsen) and Betty (Lily Rabe) are friends and sing together in the church choir. Their husbands work together in Silicon Valley, their daughters are also friends. Suddenly they have one lover. And then one of the friends takes up the axe.

*Hereinafter, the foreign online platform that released the series is indicated. All of them are officially unavailable in the Russian Federation. “KP” does not support piracy, but in the current situation, this is the only way to see most foreign series.



Drama with postirony. Wink/Kinopoisk

It seems to us that their life is continuous shooting, crazy fees and crowds of fans. In fact, misfortune and wild self-doubt is a familiar state for any artist – both unknown and stars of the first magnitude. Director Fyodor Bondarchuk dissects the acting world, showing us what seems to be a drama-drama, but for some reason it makes us laugh. The cast is pleasing to the eye: Svetlana Khodchenkova, Alexei Makarov, Igor Zolotovitsky, Sergei Gilev and even Lolita Milyavskaya are in the roles.

“King and the Clown”

The lead actor in the TV series

The lead actor in the TV series “The King and the Jester” Konstantin Plotnikov is a copy of the Pot. Photo: Frame from the film

Fantasy biography. Kinopoisk

The first film biography of the famous punk band was not scolded only by a lazy one – for a poor script, for a poor performer of the main role (Konstantin Plotnikov) – except that he really looks like Gorshka even without makeup. But the series still has a fat plus: the songs of the King and the Jester are constantly heard in it. So, as a musical, it’s quite self-explanatory: in them, in principle, the plot is always conditional. An unsuccessful dramatic component will not prevent you from going through the waves of memory and remembering the 90s, when you, being thin and young, yelled at the concert at the top of your lungs: “I’ll run up and jump off a cliff!”

And, by the way, the mythological world from the songs of “Kisha” comes to life in the series.

“Live life”

Lyubov Aksenova and Roman Vasiliev in the TV series

Lyubov Aksenova and Roman Vasiliev in the TV series “Live Life” will tell an unusual story of passion. Photo: Frame from the film

Detective and psychological melodrama. START

A beautiful and wealthy marketer (Lyubov Aksenova) recovered for a long time after the tragic death of her husband. Finally recovered, fell in love with a man (Roman Vasiliev). And he turned out to be a manipulator, of which there are few. And pulls her to him, and she sees his hypocrisy. Oh what will happen! If the description of the plot did not turn you off, you are probably a girl. Turn it on – you will most likely like it. Men can also watch – if they want to sleep.

“At the bottom”


28-year-old Styopa (Danil Tyabin) is released from prison on parole. His grandmother dies, leaving him an apartment. Stepa wanted to start a new life, but it turned out that her grandmother had a criminal past. And she died, owing the bad policeman 2.5 million rubles. By the will of fate, Styopa becomes a fighter for justice. For myself and for my grandmother!


Dramedi. KION

And again Lyubov Aksenova. Her heroine Natasha Kustova miraculously survived the first season, having achieved a kidney transplant and seemingly understanding everything about life. Waking up, she realizes that she is terribly in love with Misha (Grigory Chaban), to whom, moreover, she is indebted. Natasha decides to save Misha – after all, he also needs a transplant. But here’s the problem: he doesn’t want to know her and refuses help. Then Kustova decides to speed up the queue and find kidneys for everyone who is on the list before her Misha. And this is a few dozen people. Natasha uses methods from a past, unrighteous life, and, of course, everything does not go as she planned.

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