June 2, 2023
Tatyana Bulanova, after two broken marriages with producer Nikolai Tagrin and football player Vladislav Radimov, seems to be finally happy in her personal life.

Tatyana Bulanova, after two broken marriages with producer Nikolai Tagrin and football player Vladislav Radimov, seems to be finally happy in her personal life.


Tatyana Bulanova after two broken marriages with producer Nikolai Tagrin and football player Vladislav Radimov, it seems that she is finally happy in her personal life. She has been dating an entrepreneur for three years now. Valery Rudnevwho is going to marry this summer.

Young groom 19 years younger than his famous darling – he is 35, she is 54, but the age difference does not bother the couple. Future spouses are busy with wedding chores, in particular, they are preparing a restaurant for the opening, where the celebration will take place. Rudnev bought this establishment for 50 million rubles and presented it to his future wife as a wedding gift. A generous, loving, handsome groom – what else is needed for happiness? So Bulanova hopes: in her third marriage, she will finally find family warmth and confidence in the future.

And what will the numerologists who calculate compatibility by date of birth say: will the artist’s dreams come true? Or will the third marriage, like the previous two, end in divorce?

So, star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva, who accurately calculated the birth of a child with Philip Kirkorov, the bronze of Eurovision with Sergey Lazarev and the wedding of Lisa Arzamasova with a much older man, believes that Bulanova is really lucky: she and her future husband are suitable for each other.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva.

– Tatyana was born on March 6, 1969 – in numerology, this is “the day of beautiful lovers.” She is the bearer of the sign of the peacemaker and the sign of artistry, – says Clara Kuzenbaeva. – Until the age of 37, the singer worked out the karma of the family, so her second half of her life is much more successful than the first. Karmic people, as a rule, are scattered, unsure of themselves, and give up in relationships. There are complexes, low self-esteem. But Tatyana has good energy. She is really talented, patient, fair. Great hard worker, tough character, enormous analytical skills. Now she has a year of a slight decline (numerologists count the year from birthday to birthday. – Ed.), And at 55-56 years old, a new round in her career is ahead: Bulanova will still declare herself.

At the same time, according to the numerologist, Bulanova’s luck does not accompany her at all: in her life, nothing fell from the sky, everything came from hard work, talent and intelligence.

– The main thing to remember is that her code of conduct is a holiday. If Tatyana, no matter what, enjoys life, smiles more, sings cheerful rather than whining songs, she will be successful, our expert continues.

The young groom appeared in Bulanova’s life because she really wanted change – such almost mystical appearances are characteristic of Aquarius.

– Valery was born on February 16, 1988 – on the “day of rapid movements”. He is the bearer of the sign of power, loves to command, says the numerologist. – He, like Tatyana, has a violation of the program of the family, hence the dispersion, uncertainty, complexes, skepticism. Valery also lacks energy, so mood swings, despotism in behavior, and harshness may appear during the day. In everyday life, the character is not easy, but at the same time, this man is hypertalented and even has hypnotic abilities, the gift of foresight.

Unlike his future wife, Rudnev is a very lucky person: there are three “eights” in his program. As a rule, such people are born in wealthy families and if suddenly in a simple – still achieve success.

– Valery is waiting for a lot of money, he will become a very rich man. He is not lazy, not a freeloader, not a gigolo. Now he has a year of recession, and next year he will make good money, he will have to buy real estate. The groom will bring good luck to Tatyana, and she will become a donor of energy for him, ”Klara Kuzdenbaeva notes and immediately adds a fly in the ointment to a barrel of honey. – The only thing is that at the age of 38, Valery should begin a period of change in his personal life. There is a high probability that he will meet a new love. And Tatyana, with all other favorable factors, it’s still not the perfect match. However, if Valery invests a lot of money in Bulanova, he will never part with her: this is the key to their strong relationship.


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