June 1, 2023
Elena Blinovskaya with her husband Alexei

Elena Blinovskaya with her husband Alexei

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Blogger Elena Blinovskaya was detained April 27, 2023 near the border with Belarus in the Smolensk region. The author of the “Marathon of Desires” wanted to leave Russia. We tell you who Elena Blinovskaya is, why she was detained, and for what a criminal case was opened.

Biography of Elena Blinovskaya

The biography of Elena Blinovskaya is like a classic success story. “Queen” was born in the small village of Oparino, Kirov Region, on August 25, 1981. Her father was a driver and her mother was an accountant. When Elena was still a child, the family moved to Yaroslavl. Already there she graduated from high school and entered the Yaroslavl State University at the Faculty of Economics.

After graduating from high school, Elena worked for some time just as an accountant, studying psychology as a hobby. It seems nothing unusual, but it is here that the biography of Elena Blinovskaya makes an unexpected 180-degree turn. The lively girl was able to attract the attention of businessman Alexei Blinovsky. After the wedding, in 2018 the family moved to Moscow, and Elena started her blog. Thus began the career of the information gypsy and the “queen of marathons”.

How the “Marathon of Desires” by Elena Blinovskaya appeared

Blinovskaya actively studied psychology and decided that her knowledge should be shared with the world. So her blog appeared on social networks. As Blinovskaya herself said, her goal was to make people happy. Therefore, in 2018, she launched the “Marathon of Desires”. The blog was rapidly gaining subscribers who actively brought money to Elena and waited for a miracle in the form of the fulfillment of all their cherished desires.

In 2020, Forbes estimated Blinovskaya’s revenue at 330 million rubles, and profit at 200 million. In 2021, the blogger noisily celebrated her birthday, the budget of which was more than 120 million rubles.

In addition, Elena Blinovskaya took part in the creation of the film “Marathon of Desires”, which premiered in February 2022. In September of the same year, the show “House of Fulfillment of Desires” was released on TV-3, hosted by the information gypsy herself.

How much did the marathons of Elena Blinovskaya cost

Elena’s income skyrocketed, as did the number of subscribers to her blog – 5.3 million in April 2023. Fans did not spare money for the sake of their “happy future.”

Blinovskaya had several projects in the works:

“Marathon of Desires”: the cost of participation is 4,500 rubles (VIP – 200,000 rubles at the first stage, at the second – 300,000).

“Become and you will receive”: the cost of participation is 6000 rubles.

“Financial Marathon”: the cost of participation is 5000 rubles.

“Purpose”: the cost of participation is 7000 rubles.

“About relationships”: the cost of participation is 10,000 rubles.

Detention of Elena Blinovskaya and criminal case

But on April 27, 2023, it became known that the blogger’s affairs are not as good as they seem. The Investigative Committee announced the arrest of Elena Blinovskaya. FSB officers stopped her in the Smolensk region – the founder of the “Marathon of desires” tried to escape from Russia to luxury car.

Blinovskaya was taken to the department to testify, in her house being searched. A criminal case has been initiated under the articles “tax evasion on an especially large scale” (maximum term – up to 3 years in prison) and “money laundering on an especially large scale” (up to 7).

“According to the investigation, Blinovskaya, while providing information services via the Internet, using the “splitting” business scheme, underestimated the income received and did not pay value added tax and personal income tax for the period 2019-2021 for a total amount of more than 918 million rubles. “, – explained the detention of Elena Blinovskaya in the Investigative Committee.

Thus, the real income of Elena Blinovskaya for three years may exceed the amount of unpaid taxes by several times.


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