June 2, 2023

Photo: Tele2

Tele2, a Russian mobile operator, has identified the most popular travel destinations in southern Russia and ranked attractions and natural sites in the Rostov and Volgograd regions, as well as the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, based on an analysis of anonymized customer data. The top locations included parks, museums and wineries.

Tele2 analyzed customer activity and identified popular tourist destinations in the southern regions. For the study, the period from December 2022 to March 2023 was taken, reflecting the beginning of the seasonal activity of subscribers. Based on anonymized data, a rating of the most visited attractions was compiled. The study included locations from various popular categories – historical, natural and cultural sites, as well as wineries, which have recently attracted many tourists.

The status of the most popular park in the south has been deservedly held by the Krasnodar park, located in the capital of the Krasnodar Territory, for several years. Here, the activity of Tele2 customers is maximum – according to the company, subscribers spend a huge amount of traffic to share beautiful places on the network, upload videos or broadcast live. With the opening of the Japanese Garden at the end of March, the number of visitors to the park has grown even more. In total, during the study period, tourists spent about 207 TB of mobile Internet in the location. In second place in terms of popularity is the Olympic Park in Sochi, where high activity of subscribers is also noticed. Here, clients spend a lot of traffic consistently – over 148 TB during the study period. The third in the ranking is the Olympus park in Gelendzhik, located at the foot of the Markotkhsky ridge, where an indicator of 79 TB was recorded in terms of the volume of Internet consumed. Proximity to the sea makes this object especially interesting for residents of all regions of Russia.

Among the historical points of attraction for travelers, the undisputed leader belongs to Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd – this unique monument impresses tourists, here they use the mobile Internet to share emotions and post photos and videos of the monument online. For 4 months, Tele2 customers who visited Mamaev Kurgan spent more than 180 Tb. The second place in the ranking was taken by the Aksai Military History Museum in the Rostov Region, a museum complex founded in 1948. The company’s clients who came to see the exhibits of the museum spent more than 167 TB of Internet traffic. The third place is occupied by the panorama museum “Battle of Stalingrad” in Volgograd, which also invariably attracts with its scale. In total, in this location, tourists downloaded and uploaded more than 110 TB to the network.

The rating of natural recreation areas in the studied regions was headed by mountainous Adygea and its famous Rufabgo waterfalls. In total, vacationers walking along forest paths leading to 5 waterfalls spent about 193 TB on Internet communication. In second place in popularity is the Elton salt lake, located in the Volgograd region near the border with Kazakhstan. Walking near the lake, tourists used about 180 TB of traffic. Also in the top 3 among the popular natural places is an interesting location in the Rostov region – a lighthouse in the Merzhanovo farm. To capture its beauty and share unusual views and atmosphere with friends, travelers needed more than 91 TB.

Also, enogastronomic tourism has become one of the most popular areas of tourism in the south. The most visited winery was Sarkel Estate, located in a picturesque place near the city of Tsimlyansk in the Rostov region. Here, users downloaded and uploaded about 116 TB of traffic to the network. The second place is shared by the Chateau Tamagne winery in the village of Taman and the family winery “Sikory Estate” in Novorossiysk, in total, tourists spent more than 156 TB of mobile Internet here. In third place is one of the oldest wine houses “Abrau-Durso” in the village of the same name, when visiting which Tele2 customers used more than 69 TB of mobile Internet.

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