June 3, 2023

The Krasnodar Territory is famous not only for recreation near the sea coast, fertile land, warm climate and Olympic facilities, but also for lucky residents. The region annually occupies the top lines of the Stoloto rating in terms of the number of winnings of participants in state lotteries. Residents of this southern region become millionaires with enviable regularity by choosing a lucky lottery ticket or a good number combination. In 2022, 48 lottery millionaires appeared in the region, and the total amount of winnings was 2,457,043,223 rubles.

Whom luck loves more and what is the probability of a big win – consider the example of three lottery millionaires from the Kuban.

Kuban won 2 million rubles in Sportloto twice in one day

Sergey Mazur* for the first time took part in the distribution draw of the state lottery “Sportloto” 4 out of 20 “. Having bought two tickets for the 5560th draw, a resident of the village of the Krasnodar Territory won 2 026 781 rubles And 2 038 976 rubles. As a result, the total amount of the man’s winnings in one draw amounted to 4,065,757 rubles.

Sergei Nikolayevich knew that the distribution draw is a special draw in which the super prize or part of it is divided among all the winners, and there is a chance to win an amount larger than in the standard draw, but only if no one wins the super prize itself. Therefore, Sergey Nikolayevich responsibly approached the choice of numbers in the tickets: he analyzed the archives of draws and made several numerical combinations, which, according to his logic, should have necessarily led to victory in this draw. The man also noted additional numbers in the playing fields. And the Kuban strategy worked. The man will use the winnings to buy his own apartment.

Many participants have their own lucky numbers. These can be memorable dates or just numbers that are visually pleasing more than others. Of course, luck and faith in victory play an important role. At the same time, it is important to know that lotteries are arranged in such a way that each ticket has an equal probability of winning, regardless of whether you marked your favorite numbers or an arbitrary combination.

According to Stoloto statistics, every fourth ticket wins in lotteries. For the most part, we are talking about small cash prizes. And a big victory is, of course, a big success. But the main thing is that everyone has a chance for great luck. After all, more than 7,700 participants have already appeared in the country, having won a million or more rubles in the lottery from Stoloto. Two participants became lottery billionaires, seven more won from 500 million rubles.

Sergei Nikolayevich worked for more than 20 years on the railroad – at the marshalling yard. With retirement, the man has more time for his old passion – playing chess. The winner not only enjoys this logic game for himself, but also participates in sports and athletics events and tournaments in the region.

“I set a goal: to close loans in 2023!”

Under the chiming clock, Nafis Nugumanov* set himself the goal of doing a good job and closing all loans by the end of 2023. But the man did not expect that he would achieve what he wanted so quickly. For the 532nd draw of the Bolshoe Sportloto state lottery, a man bought two tickets in the Stoloto mobile application and, using the automatic number selection function, put down, as it later turned out, a winning combination in one of them. According to the results of the drawing on January 3, a resident of Sochi won 3 million rubles.

Thanks to the Stoloto lotteries, an average of 20 millionaires appear in the country every week. Among their number, the participants of the Sportloto varieties are in the lead. For example, in the “Big Sportloto” cash prizes from 50 rubles to hundreds of millions are raffled off. The minimum guaranteed super prize is 300,000,000 rubles. To win it, you need to guess 5 numbers in the first field of the ticket and 2 in the second. Nafis was separated from the main prize of the draw by only one unguessed number in the second field of the ticket.

The winner said that few of his entourage had previously participated in state lotteries from Stoloto. And now, after his victory, acquaintances have become much more active in buying tickets.

Such examples clearly show that any participant can win both a small and a large prize. And the holding of each draw and the payment of winnings is strictly controlled by the state.

Nafis shared with us his plans for winning:

Having calmed down and accepted the news about the win, I began to count how much I have loans. And I realized that I won more than required. Therefore, a third of the money will go to pay off my debts, and I will also help my brother close the loan. Now we can complete the construction of the house without debts. With the remaining funds, I will make gifts for the whole family..

A million rubles in the instant lottery: the story of the winner through the eyes of her son

The whole family of Mikhail Shchedrin* participates in state lotteries, and his mother is their main fan. In April of this year, a woman participated in the instant lottery for the first time and almost immediately won 40,000 rubles. And later, thanks to a ticket with the Russian Lotto design, a resident of Krasnodar also won 1 million rubles. By the way, in Krasnodar there was already one of the largest winnings in the Russian Lotto. It happened in 2022 and amounted to 500 million rubles.

Big wins happen in both draw and instant lotteries. And the victory of Mikhail Shchedrin’s mother is a vivid example of this. Instant lotteries are an instant result, simple rules and a chance to become a millionaire in a few seconds. To do this, you just need to erase the protective layer on the selected ticket. Ticket price starts from 20 rubles. It was these advantages that attracted Mikhail’s mother.

She usually removes the protective layer herself, but then she comes up to me so that I can double-check her. She brought the lucky ticket with a joyful smile on her face, – says the man. — When I was going to Moscow to register my winnings, my mother again won 10,000 rubles! She tries to find some secret of luck, but she always wins by chance. Our mother is lucky, so we trust only her to buy tickets.

In the Soviet years, the winner asked her husband to buy a lottery ticket with the dates of the family’s birthdays, but the man noted the numbers at random. After the drawing, it turned out that the numbers that Mikhail’s mother spoke about fell out.

She still remembers this incident to dad, and we laugh, the man says with a smile. — Mom considers this win a gift for them on their golden wedding anniversary. She bought a lucky ticket a few days before the memorable date. In August, the parents celebrated 50 years of marriage!

The woman spends a lot of time with her loved ones, she and her husband have a large and friendly family: four children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The prize funds will be divided among the household members.

Before retirement, the winner worked as a cook. One of her favorite hobbies is participating in state lotteries. After all, first of all, this is a chance to live vivid emotions. And if luck smiles at you – also the opportunity to win big.

It should be noted that since 2014, all lotteries in Russia have been state-owned, their organizers are the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, and they are held under state supervision of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. State lotteries distributed by Stoloto are a significant source of replenishment of the budgets of different levels of the Russian Federation in order to finance socially significant objects and events, including events for the development of physical culture and sports, elite sports and the sports reserve training system – thus making a significant contribution to improve the quality of life of Russians.

* Photo published with the permission of the winners.

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