June 1, 2023

Agents of the Local Police of Punta Umbría have proceeded in the early hours of this Monday at the detention of two individuals who had allegedly committed a attempted robbery in a hotel establishment of the locality

As reported by the Police force Through their social networks, the events occurred at around 4:50 a.m., when police officers were patrolling and observed in the vicinity of an intersection how a vehicle was heading towards the police sign with its lights off and carrying out a maneuver suspicious.

For this reason, the arrest was ordered, although the driver, upon noticing the police presence, ignored the orders of the agents, beginning a chase of several minutes in which at no time did he obey the indications to stop. The policemen had to block their way, thus forcing the vehicle to continue its march.

Once the car stopped, it was verified that the same. It was occupied by two people, driver and passenger, who were identified and carried out a superficial search in which narcotic substances, a barber’s blade and a razor were intervened.

In turn, they proceeded to request support from the Civil Guard, which carried out the pertinent checks, corroborating by notice from the alarm center that these individuals had entered a local bar, with images from the establishment’s cameras, which were viewings.

In turn, it was verified that the driver had never obtained a driving license and that the vehicle they were using had allegedly been stolen from its legitimate owner, who, at that time, was still unaware of this fact, for which reason there was still no complaint. about.

For all of the above, the two individuals were detained to be made available to the Judicial Authority, for the alleged commission of two crimes against property and another against road safety.


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