May 30, 2023
Together with the Popular Front within the framework of the project

Together with the Popular Front within the framework of the project “Everything for Victory!” Over the past couple of months, I managed to raise about 30 million rubles

Photo: Alexander KOTS

To be honest when volunteer assistance to the front in Russia was just emerging, I did not think that this was a long-term phenomenon. Sooner or later, people will get tired of the gloomy informational background, stop watching news from the NWO zone and support for our soldiers at the forefront will gradually come to naught. How wrong I was!

The fighting continues, but Russian society’s support for the army is not only not weakening, but is also gaining momentum. Kulibin enthusiasts are making anti-drone guns and FPV drones, philanthropists and ordinary citizens are sponsoring this not under duress, but by the call of the soul dozens and hundreds of volunteers continue to carry the necessary equipment and equipment to the front. And millions of our citizens daily donate their labor penny to the needs of the army.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

Together with the Popular Front within the framework of project “Everything for the Victory!” over the past couple of months I managed to raise about 30 million rubles! For this amount, we provided everything necessary for a new artillery battalion (and this, consider a battalion) of the 2nd Army Corps under the command of “Tobol”. This division was formed from volunteers not without my participation – I regularly published an advertisement for recruitment into the division. And now with the help Telegram channel subscribers, readers of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and donors who found this collection on the website of the project “Everything for Victory!” Managed to get it fully equipped.

Early in the morning, two tarpaulin Urals drove up to the warehouse, into which the gunners began to load bales and boxes. Summer uniforms, shoes, camouflage suits, sleeping bags, first aid kits, body armor and helmets, diesel generators and chainsaws, and, as they say on the Field of Miracles, a car – two UAZ-“loaves”. In total, we equipped more than 200 people in this way!

Photo: Alexander KOTS

– Dear friends! To everyone who provided all possible assistance in the collection – a huge thank you! – did not hide his emotions while loading Tobol. – It’s great when our fellow citizens have a desire to help the army, make life easier for our fighters and bring our Victory closer.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

There is an opinion that people’s gatherings somehow discredit the military command, which, they say, cannot provide for its units. To me, this thesis seems like an owl stretched over the globe. Such actions only show that in our society there is a request for help to the front, a desire to feel involved in a great cause and make efforts to achieve a common goal. This impulse is sincere and humane, which is very much appreciated by the fighters on the front line, who understand that in Greater Russia they are remembered, appreciated and proud of them. A sense of unity and fight helps!

On my own behalf, I also thank everyone for participating in the collection. Together we will win!


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