June 3, 2023
Blogger, project author "Marathon of desires" Elena Blinovskaya

Blogger, author of the project “Marathon of Desires” Elena Blinovskaya

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

While 41-year-old Elena Blinovskaya is being interrogated in the UK, people ridicule her non-financial achievements. For the past seven years, Blinovskaya has been making money by selling marathons online. The most popular of them, the “marathon of desires”, was, according to unofficial estimates, about 6 million people. Now, a criminal case has been initiated against Elena Blinovskaya under articles 198 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (tax evasion on an especially large scale by an individual) and 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (legalization (laundering) of money on an especially large scale). The Investigative Committee formulates the essence of the accusation in the following way: “According to the investigation, Blinovskaya, while providing information services via the Internet, using the business splitting scheme, underestimated the income received and did not pay value added tax and personal income tax for the period 2019-2021. a total amount of more than 918 million rubles.

Famous people, former “marathon runners” and those who watched the financial success of the “infogypsy” share their first emotions and observations.

Until her smm-manager closed the comments on Elena Blinovskaya's page on social networks, people so

Until her smm-manager closed the comments on Elena Blinovskaya’s page on social networks, people so “sympathized” with the information gypsy.

Telegram channel “BP”: “Today, in fact, the wishes of those people whose relatives took the money to Blinovskaya came true.”

Actress Yulia Menshova in the telegram channel: “It looks like the detention of Elena Blinovskaya will be the main news of today. It is difficult to compete with the amount of non-payment of tax in the amount of 918 million rubles … A friend writes: “I think that today not only bloggers will hastily pay taxes. And not only those people who have millions of them. It also seems to me that today can be safely fixed in the calendar as a professional holiday of a tax worker.”

The head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, on April 27 at the Safe Internet Forum: “Well, what to do with infogypsies: people need to be told that their whole way of life, everything they show on social networks is the result of fraudulent activity. And tax evasion. I think that this is not the last precedent. Most importantly, it is important to understand that this phenomenon is nothing new. There have always been such figures – we all remember Kashpirovsky, Chumak … They just came to the expanses of social networks. Blinovskaya is our new Kashpirovsky. Let’s see how this activity ends for her. Because for all those who were offline big scammers – we know how it ended. How this conditional MMM fell apart. I think it will be the same here. But taxes will have to be paid in the end.

In social networks, “marathons” are actively discussed. Here are some user opinions.

Venus: “Escape on the Maybach” – what a vanity she has! And after all, someone warned her ?!

Natasha: “Mishka Efremov, wait for the new call center employee Elena B. to work!”

Vasily: “I wonder which of the bloggers are already at the airport?”

T.T: “It seems that Blinovskaya’s money is being handed out to commentators today – everyone is so happy for Lena …”

SP: “Listen, I just came out of depression from such good news!”

Marina: “In the States, she would have been “executed” for such a sum …”

Elena: “Lena’s star friends, as usual, head in the sand. No more friends…

Ekaterina: “In a past life, she said that she was a fish. They caught a fish!”

Big flower: “One of my friends went through a marathon of desires and did not understand why nothing came true for her. I sent her the news on Blinovskaya. Maybe he will read some grandmas and understand everything … “

People write: “I should have launched a balloon in front of the border!” “Will there be a tax rate?” “Elena, what would you advise to avoid paying taxes?”

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