June 3, 2023
TV presenter Dmitry Nagiev.

TV presenter Dmitry Nagiev.


The neutral status of the stars of Russian show business in relation to the CBO is a very relative concept. Here Ivan Urgant disappeared from the air, followed by Dmitry Nagiyev (although he worked in the show “Voice”, “Voice. Children”, “Voice. 60+” and “Two Stars”). And at the same time, films and series with the St. Petersburg actor continue to be released, and he is also regularly present on TV in advertising for a well-known mobile operator. At the same time Dmitry refuses to lead the music award of the federal channel, with which he had no conflicts. I wonder why?

All this is strange and mysterious. And in St. Petersburg, which is prone to cultural separatism, it is even close to schizophrenia. After all, on the one hand, the public, for obvious reasons, demands to cancel the oldest play “Kysya”, in which Nagiyev plays a long time ago. On the other hand, the actor as if nothing had happened comes out on the cover one of the local magazines.

In addition to participating in a brutal photo shoot (the artist sits either inside or outside, or driving an expensive car), Dmitry, hung with baubles and other accessories, willingly talks about sincerity, pride, diet and the status of his grandfather. Excerpts from the April theses of Nagiyev are cited by KP.

Last year, the actor’s son, Cyril, let slip that he had become a father. And now Dmitry Nagiyev admits for the first time that his grandfather is useless.

“I was an unimportant father, but as a grandfather, in general,” he says. “I just want my kids to grow up. Of course, I really want to give advice and sincere edification, but I know that I can’t live a single minute of this person’s life. I understand that children are given to us for the time of education, but these are absolutely free souls and people who have every right not to listen to me.

The actor who loves himself and his body often posts photos without outerwear on social networks and bares his arms. True, if during the period of the show “Windows” Dmitry rocked hard, like his brother, now he switched to cardio mode.

“When I started running, I thought: “Well, now I will surprise my son,” he recalls. – Ran 5 kilometers in 37 minutes, spit out a lung and decided that it was not for me. Once I thought about sex the same way – it’s not mine, you can just kiss. And no responsibility. But now I run 10 kilometers in 46 minutes. As one 56-year-old acquaintance told me: “Dmitry, this is a very good result. I also run a little. I say: “For how much?”. He: “For 42.” I think I hate it. But it turned out that in the past he was a master of sports in running.

This year, Nagiyev turned 56 years old, and he found the courage to admit that he had just overcome children’s complexes.

“Probably, only now I have begun to restructure my consciousness, when I enter the stage of conscious life,” the artist is sure. – Everything that happened before was the fight against children’s complexes. Maybe I became an artist, because inside something is shaking. The world of art is a world of illusions.

At the same time, the former host of the show “Voice” hints that depressive states are still characteristic of him.

“Any depressive state is nasty,” Nagiyev states. “I know that, and if forewarned, then forearmed. And I also know that there may not be a better moment than this second in your life. So enjoy it specifically.

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