June 3, 2023
Andrey Malyshev.  Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov / TASS

Andrey Malyshev. Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov / TASS

Andrei Vladimirovich Malyshev is returning to the Ministry of Culture (he worked there until 2018, when Vladimir Medinsky was in charge of the department) to the post of Deputy Minister.

The former Deputy Minister Alla Yuryevna Manilova is leaving this post (as well as the post of Secretary of State). She moves to St. Petersburg and becomes the new director of the Russian Museum.

Nadezhda Alexandrovna Reverend – the new Secretary of State.

In fact, Manilova’s transfer to the Russian Museum is nothing new. This was talked about two months ago, when Vladimir Gusev left the position of the head of the museum (he is now president of the Russian Museum).

In previous years, Andrei Malyshev headed the department of state support for art and folk art in the ministry. Managed theaters. In 2018, he left as the general director of the FGBUK Rosconcert, where, by the way, he worked before the Ministry of Culture.

Andrey Malyshev is building a career in a spiral. Leaves and returns to the same public places. For what reason he left the Ministry of Culture five years ago, no one remembers. But this happened in preparation for the Year of the Theater in 2019. Then Malyshev had disagreements with the head of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation Alexander Kalyagin. One of the reasons for disagreement was that the Ministry of Culture initiated theater reforms, but none of them seemed to find support from the STD. It was about the need to rotate the “age management of theaters” and the rejection of the practice of combining the functions of artistic director and director. The essence of these disagreements spilled over into the public space.

Now anonymous Telegram channels are dispersing the topic of Andrey Malyshev’s “triumphant” return to the Ministry of Culture and how it threatens Alexander Kalyagin…

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