June 3, 2023

The report issued by the company archeovaly indicates that the archaeological remains found during the development of the works of the Mendez Nunez street are below the working height and therefore you can continue the normal course of works according to the specifications established in the conservation proposal agreed between the Territorial Delegation of Tourism, Culture and Heritage of the Junta de Andalucía, the Huelva City Council as promoter of the work, and the construction company.

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, pointed out that “the competence in the protection, conservation and enhancement of the archaeological heritage corresponds to the Ministry of Culture and we work in coordination with it. We know that there have been many works that have been done in the center of the capital in recent years and that the city has evolved a lot and that is why we are aware that in the subsoil of Huelva there are archaeological remains and that there is a high probability to find them. We contact Culture and follow their instructions. We have the example of the Archaeological Plaza or Plaza de la Inmaculada, where remains were found, but work was done and the current plaza was built about 20 years ago.”

The report states that during the control of demolition earthworks on the north side of Méndez Núñez street, human skeletal remains and related archaeological structures appeared at numbers 14 and 16, in an extension of seven meters in length and occupying the entire width of the sidewalk.

After its appearance, the earthworks were halted and an initial cleaning and delimitation of the surface that contained the remains and other archaeological structures was carried out. Subsequently, the Territorial Delegation of Tourism, Culture and Sport was informed to request an urgent inspection visit from the designated Inspector Archaeologist.

Once the technicians of the Delegation, the managers appointed by the City Council, the manager of the construction company and the Archaeologist Director met, it was agreed to proceed with the cleaning and documentation of the remains by the archaeologists belonging to the company Arqueovalia Patrimonio y Gestión Cultural . These works have lasted until the afternoon of April 17 and they consider that it is correct to relate the remains to the Charity Hospital Founded in 1522 and which remained in operation until 1845.

“We continue advancing, and adopting the measures that mark us and that are necessary to make the development, growth and progress of the city compatible with conservation and respect for history. The remains are below the working level, they are known to be there. The opposite would be to lift the entire center of Huelva, define a zone of exclusion of facilities, housing and expel everyone. That would not be logical or viable and therefore we take and follow the same path that we have followed in the rest of the works and that has been followed traditionally”, expressed the mayor.

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