June 3, 2023

The Municipal Policy Secretary of the PSOE of HuelvaMaite Rodríguez, has highlighted that the Socialist Party presents candidacies in the 80 municipalities plus the two ELAs, headed by people from each municipality, against the PP that has a list with ‘nurseries in 22 municipalities of the province, 16 complete and 6 partial, which means that almost 30% of them are “with people who do not live in the municipalities where they appear and do not know the people or the needs and virtues of each”.

For Maite Rodríguez (PSOE), who is also mayoress of Cala, “presenting yourself in municipal elections is not a photo or a visit to the town, it is not going to a town that, perhaps, you have never set foot in, and pretending to represent its neighbors worthily. Running for mayor, running for mayor, is a responsible, honest and committed action. You can’t play with people’s confidence.”

«Being a mayor, mayor, councilor, is to be one day and another day, that is why the majority of citizens trust the Socialist Party, because we are in that day to day, in everyday life, in the hard and in the mature We are always by your side.”

The socialist has remarked that “when we speak and repeat from the PSOE that We are Huelva, is evident in these data. The people of the towns do not feel affinity with the PP, as they do with our party, because we are the people’s party, the one that really knows the concerns of each town and that is why they are not capable of presenting lists in all but we do.”

For this reason, as he has affirmed, “the PSOE is the municipalist party, close to the people, of equality and knowledgeable about this province. We care about all the towns from the smallest to the largest and we do not give up governing any of them, for this reason, we have been working for four years, both in those that we govern and in those that we are going to govern after 28M”.

Maite Rodríguez has been convinced that “on May 28 we will once again have the confidence of the majority of the citizens of this province, as has always happened, we are going to revalidate the mayoralties that we already govern, and we will win more mayoralties; and we are going to maintain the Government of the Provincial Council, to continue pushing, to continue helping and building the province”.

“The Popular Party -he has remarked- has always been lost in this province, because people know that they are not trustworthy and that social policies are in danger in their hands, health, education, dependency, attention to the most disadvantaged”.

For the PSOE, “both Moreno Bonilla in Andalusia and Núñez Feijóo in Spain have lost their north and thus, they give Huelva little confidence to trust the candidates they present, especially if they are unknown to most people because they do not have ties to the municipalities, they are only going to get a number, the number they need to win a Provincial Council that is too big for them”.

PSOE: “The PP has gone hunting and capturing the mayoralties of citizens”

For this reason, for example, “they have gone hunting and capturing” the three Mayoralties that Ciudadanos achieved in the previous municipal ones: Galaroza, Rosal de la Frontera and Cumbres de San Bartolomé.

These three candidates, “seeing that their party has definitively collapsed after an ephemeral and deceitful existence (because nothing they promised has been fulfilled, such is the disaster of having disappeared from the map), they have sought refuge in the Popular Party, a party that has no qualms about welcoming into its bosom those mayors and that mayor who is lost and without a clear direction in a province that, despite their regret, is on the left”.

For the Socialists, it is, at least, curious “the lack of ideology that they show when they present themselves under the acronym of the PP, when they have been opposing that party until two days ago. This shows that ideology is not their forte and they don’t care if they are on the right, on the center, or on the left”, he finished.

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