June 2, 2023

He port of huelva has successfully completed the process migration of your Local window to DuePort. This step represents progress in improving the competitiveness of the Huelva Port, since it will allow expedite the management of ship calls, anticipate the movement of goods and passenger traffic.

DUEPORT is the Spanish Maritime-Port Single Window system, which is operated and managed by the Public Body of State Ports in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2010/65/UE.

The Single Window is conceived as the only point where the information to be declared when a ship calls at a Spanish port is communicated once. Puertos del Estado makes the necessary information available to the competent Spanish authorities, other Member States, and European authorities such as EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency). In this way, the Port Authorities are the local access points to the national window.

Likewise, State Ports makes this system available to Port Authorities and private agents of the Port Community, who require it.

The Huelva Port Authority leads the volume of merchandise among the six Port Authorities that have adopted the DuePort system as a local window.

For him port of huelvathis change represents the culmination of a process that has lasted for nine months and responds to the demands made by businessmen who provide services in the Port of Huelva.

The implementation of this system together with those that the Port of Huelva is developing as the Data and Process Management Platform and the projects that are carried out in La Lonja de la Innovación, allows the Huelva port to be prepared to face regulatory changes planned for 2025 and thus take the step towards interconnected and federated logistics established in the Digital Transport & Logistic Forum (DTLF) of which the Huelva Port Authority is a member.


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