June 6, 2023
The Ministry of Defense released a video about the contract service

The Ministry of Defense released a video about the contract service


The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a new video calling for contract service in the country’s Armed Forces.

The video presentation of the contract service begins with words about the importance of the right choice in the life of every man, including the decision to serve in the army. The 30-second video shows Russian fighters leaving for a war zone.

“Today, your choice can affect the fate of the country. Protect your future and the future of your children! Serve under the contract, ”says the voice-over.

In the video, the Ministry of Defense recalls that the salary of contractors is at least 204 thousand rubles.

Recall that earlier the Russian military department published a promotional video, which talks about the benefits of a contract service. It talks about the various benefits that contract soldiers receive in the service of the Russian Armed Forces.

As the KP.RU website wrote, the Russian Ministry of Defense launched a special website about the benefits of contract service. It was created for young people who are considering contract service for themselves and provides a real opportunity to quickly contact specialists and find a military specialty.

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