June 1, 2023

The third decree of Drought approved by the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía last Tuesday contemplates improvements in the infrastructures of the Tinto-Odiel-Piedras Hydrographic Demarcation (TOP).

The investment of 163 million euros throughout Andalusia with which the Decree is endowed will serve to improve the intake of the Andévalo dam in order to make better use of the dammed water.

With this action, 100 cubic hectometres can be mobilized to offer a greater guarantee of supply to the inhabitants of the Andévalo region and to the farmers of the Andévalo Border Irrigation Community. In addition, for greater security of supplies, improvement works are also being considered for the El Chanza pumping station and station number 1 of the El Chanza palafito in order to use the resources of the dam one hundred percent.

The territorial delegate for Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Alvaro Burgoshas stated that this third Drought Decree “shows once again the commitment of the government of Juanma Moreno for Huelva, for agriculture, industry, tourism, urban supply and renewables to the extent that both these works like those that have been done in the last four years are necessary and benefit the different sectors and uses”.

Works against drought

Works are currently being carried out in the province of Huelva for a global amount of 11 million euros corresponding to the first two Drought Decrees.

“To this amount we must add the 166 million euros in supply, irrigation and purification works already carried out during the last legislature. We are talking about hundreds of millions of euros in water infrastructures against the Spanish government, which to date has not invested a single euro in water works in the province of Huelva”, stated the branch’s territorial delegate.

Along the same lines, it has requested the central government “the execution of the Alcolea dam and the rest of the infrastructures related to the Transfer from Tinto, Odiel and Piedras to the Guadalquivir that were declared of general interest to the State in 2018”.

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