June 6, 2023

The Civil Guard of Huelva has rescued a dog that was stuck in a stream channel In the town of Cartaya.

As reported by the Armed Institute, the events occurred when a call from a cyclist was received at the Civil Guard post in Cartaya informing that when passing over km 108 of the N-431 highway, in the direction of Cartaya, he had sighted a a large dog trapped in a quagmire that is difficult to access.

When a patrol was present at the scene, the agents observed that it was the canal with a slope of about 3 meters.

Said channel had little water and the dogan Argentine bulldog, was immobilized as part of his body was buried in the mud, and his two hind legs could have been damaged.

The animal complained of its condition with continuous howling, moving desperately to escape from the mud. That is why, in order to help him and take him to a safe place, the agents decided to proceed to his rescue.

Due to the great difficulties presented by the terrain, to avoid sinking and maintain stability, and after suffering several falls and slips as a result of the inclination of the walls, the agents managed to free the animal from the mud.

Once taken to an area that was not swamped, they were offered water for hydration.

Once safe, we proceeded to read the animal’s microchip, there being no data in the database, requesting through the COS central of the Civil Guard the activation of the services of the Provincial Center for abandoned and stray animals of Huelva ( Athisa), moving workers from Huelva capital to the place.

The agents transported the animal by weight due to the impossibility of vehicle access to the area, and it was later transferred to the veterinary hospital in the Huelva capital.

Currently the animal is being rehabilitated, not having been claimed by anyone as the legitimate owner.


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