June 3, 2023
Elena Blinovskaya

Elena Blinovskaya

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

How much did you really earn Elena Blinovskaya, arrested for tax evasion in the amount of 918 million rubles, are now being investigated by investigators in close cooperation with the tax authorities. But according to the documents, as the KP.RU website found out, the blogger was a very modest entrepreneur. Her business assets include only IP (income – up to 200 million a year) and the Travel Atelier travel agency with zero revenue. Where, in this state of affairs, the money went from the endless marathons of desires is a big question.

Meanwhile, the companies that cooperated with her also report on the earnings of Elena Blinovskaya. In 2022, there were six of them, and the KP.RU website managed to look into their reports.

So, the first firm engaged in advertising activities paid Blinovskaya 919.5 thousand rubles for some services last year.

The second company (field of activity – advising on commercial activities and management) paid 4.5 million rubles to the blogger.

On cooperation with a film production company, Blinovskaya earned 57.5 thousand in a year; from a tandem with an insurance company received 120 thousand; for shooting for one of the federal TV channels – 115 thousand. Well, the book publishing house paid Elena only 1.2 thousand rubles.

Thus, the billionaire marathon runner earned only 5.7 million rubles “on the side” (this is about 476 thousand per month) – the companies paid taxes from these amounts.

But in the criminal case of Elena Blinovskaya, we are talking about completely different money: with underpaid taxes of 918 million, the total income, according to the most conservative estimates, is 6 billion rubles.


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