June 3, 2023
Photo: social networks

Tatiana Navka At 48, she looks great. She can easily be confused with a 20-year-old girl. The figure skater still takes to the ice and boasts a perfect figure. And one of these days Olympic champion wowed the audience in a bold, breathtaking way.

Tatiana Navka drastically changed for a fashion photo shoot. The figure skater appeared before the camera in a tight black mini dress with an incredible neckline to the waist.

But special attention was attracted by the new hairstyle of the beauty. Navka appeared as a platinum blonde with a short haircut. “I had experiments with hair color, but I feel most comfortable with a blonde,” she said.

Tatyana shared footage from the backstage on the social network and delighted subscribers with her youth and beauty. Many admitted that at first they did not even recognize the skater. Followers said that the athlete was “rejuvenated” by an unusual hairstyle.

“It will be beautiful! I will soon share this beauty with you,” Navka promised. During the photo shoot, Tatyana smiled a lot.

Photo: social networks

Previously, Tatyana shared the secret of beauty. “For me, the key to beauty is healthy sleep. for eight hours, however, it does not always work out … In the mornings I really like to lie in bed. To cheer up faster, I take a contrast shower. Once a week I go to a Russian bath with oak brooms and visit a beautician,” the celebrity shared.

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