June 1, 2023
The calculation of the

The calculation of the “Lancet” deploys the launcher and brings the drone into combat position.

Photo: Alexander KOTS


Admit it, you don’t read every combat report published by your own Ministry of Defense. But in vain. Sometimes interesting details are found in the monotonous enumeration of what was destroyed, by which one can judge the appearance on the fronts of a new argument that can, if not change the course of hostilities, then significantly affect it.

I’m flipping through another report, and there it’s on you: 4 (!) Launchers of the S-300 air defense system and one German anti-aircraft self-propelled gun Gepard were destroyed in one direction in a day. People who follow the course of the NWO are well aware that we do not have many opportunities to get such systems in the depths of Ukraine. And here – 4 installations at once! What suddenly happened?

And here’s what happened. Bright minds in Russia suddenly remembered that since the early 2000s, our defense industry has been developing a “unified planning and correction module” (UMPC) for air bombs. And they even exhibited their know-how at various international exhibitions. If without a lot of incomprehensible technical details, then these are wings for conventional unguided aerial bombs, plus a guidance unit. And the usual “cast iron” (as the pilots call, for example, the FAB-500 bomb) turns into a powerful precision-guided munition! Which, moreover, aircraft are launched from a great height, without entering the enemy’s air defense coverage area. And this “cast iron” flies, some say – for 60, and some – for 80 kilometers, interrupting the calm measured life of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near rear.


Here, by the way, the commander of the Ukrainian joint forces, Sergei Naev, complained:

“This is a vivid example of how the enemy uses the advantage in aviation, since he uses these bombs without entering our air defense zone. At the same time, the actions of its bomber aviation are covered by fighters of the Su-30 and Su-35 type, the on-board armament of which allows us to detect and destroy our interceptor aircraft even before approaching the distance of launching air-to-air missiles.

There is something to worry about. As soon as, for example, Ukrainian saboteurs roamed the Dnieper islands south of Kherson, powerful explosions began to shake their strongholds and bases, leaving behind only giant craters filled with water. Scouts from the ground serve the targets of aviation, and from the depths of our territory they send bombs with wings straight at the target. The footage taken from the drones is really impressive. This is not a copter with a grenade, and not even a drone with a mine. Here the quality of the defeat is completely different.

– Really hit? – I ask the scouts.

– Gorgeously amazing! they assure.

What should the enemy do in a situation where your units are covered with impunity with 500-kilogram bombs (and we have a lot of them, and we haven’t got one and a half tons yet, and that’s why the module is unified, which is suitable for different types of air ammunition)? That’s right, pull up air defense systems from the rear depth directly to the front line, which could scare away our bombers armed with “cast iron”.

But we detect these air defense systems and strike at them (like those same 4 air defense installations in a day!).

And then – the highlight of the “season” is in the works – our loitering ammunition “Lancet” with a range of either 40 or 70 kilometers – let the enemy guess. This kamikaze drone has already made itself known very loudly at the Svatovsky line, forcing the Ukrainian artillery to pull back from the front line to the maximum distance for firing. “Lancets” have already become a real discovery in the course of the Special Operation.


The Lancets were not immediately transferred to our units. First, in real combat conditions, they were tested by “breeders” (as representatives of the defense industry are called here). These are experts in their field. They also trained operators.

– They passed the exam in silence, – recalls the staff “lancer” of the 98th Airborne Division Max. – they made sure that we did everything on our own, without prompting. We hit all targets without issue.

– How do the actions of the enemy change with the advent of our new weapons?

– They begin to delay their own and artillery, now at best they drive closer, work out and leave. They began to camouflage themselves better, equipment was removed deeper into the forests, “lanceolate” nets were installed above the caponiers. They also began to set up a lot of false targets. It’s like inflatable tanks, only howitzers are built from logs. Grids do not work, they have already seen for themselves. In the forests, we guess the moments, the angles are such that you can hit the target, fly in jewelry …

Photo: Alexander KOTS


Behind the back, the calculation of the Lancet deploys the launcher and brings the drone into combat position. Apparently, a target was found from a drone and transferred to the control panel in the underground of an ordinary village hut, long destroyed by artillery. Operators sit in front of monitors – liquidators in slippers.

– Before that, you were engaged in unmanned vehicles, how much more effective is it to use such high-precision weapons compared to conventional artillery? I ask Max.

– Efficiency is very high. Firstly, because of the speed of application, and secondly, it is accuracy. That is, much less ammunition is spent. We do not need to use several drones for zeroing, we hit tanks, self-propelled guns, howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers the first time. And heavily armored vehicles, and lightly armored …

Photo: Alexander KOTS

– Now everyone is waiting for the appearance of NATO tanks – “Leopards”, “Abrams”. Do you understand how to deal with them?

– We have studied, there are already guesses how to work with them.

– That is, this is not the weapon that will greatly help the enemy?

They certainly won’t be invincible.


By the way, Aleksey Dmitrashkovsky, head of the joint press center of the Tauride direction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told about another tactic of the Russian military, in which kamikaze drones play the main violin.

Geranium drones, according to an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, lure anti-aircraft missile systems onto themselves. And after the Ukrainian air defense system reveals itself, it is immediately struck by the Lancet.

“There was also teamwork: two planes lured out our air defense forces, and the third plane struck,” Dmitrashkovsky complained.

It seems that the suppression of enemy air defense has turned into a systematic work for our troops, which is very important, including for the destruction of targets in the depths of Ukraine. We cannot work with aircraft over its territory until the anti-aircraft missile systems are suppressed – otherwise we will lose all aviation. Even today, Kyiv complains about the lack of missiles for Soviet systems. And Western supplies cannot yet compensate for holes in the sky. If these gaps become wider, windows of opportunity will open for us to strike at many supply chains of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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