June 6, 2023

The day before, a tourist called the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team of the Russian Emergencies Ministry through the 112 service, saying that he and his mother were on the slope of the Achishkho ridge. Falling from a rocky area, a 16-year-old teenager injured his leg, and his mother received a head injury. The young man reported that she was unconscious. Tourists who came to Sochi from Yekaterinburg went on an unregistered hike along route 13, which is currently closed, leading to the Achipsinsky waterfalls.

Rescuers requested geolocation data from the victims and boarded a Ka-32 helicopter of the Russian Emergencies Ministry flew to their intended location. Having found a mother with a teenager on the snow-covered slope of Mount Achishkho at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level, employees of the SURPS EMERCOM of Russia, using an onboard winch, went down to the tourists. A young man was immobilized with a damaged ankle joint by placing a vacuum splint on his leg, a 48-year-old woman was fixed with a Shants collar and an infusion system (dropper). The victims were lifted on board the aircraft using a rescue scarf and a stretcher.

On the basis of the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team in Sochi, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations handed over the tourists to the ambulance doctors.

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