June 2, 2023

Punta Umbria has celebrated the 60th anniversary of its constitution as an independent municipality with a solemn plenary session in which the Distinctions April 26 and Special Mentions.

In her speech, the mayoress, Aurora Águedo Borrero, pointed out that “Puntaumbrieños should feel proud because, despite our youth, we have a very strong and deep-rooted identity that is growing by leaps and bounds.” Thus, she has said that Punta Umbría is a paradise “not only because of the attractions of the enclave, but also because of the level and category of its people and groups, which show that the best of this town are its neighbors.”

Aurora Águedo was moved on the spot by dedicating a few words from her speech to her farewell as mayoress. “As you all know, next May my stage as municipal manager ends after 16 years. And I want to take advantage of the most important day of our town to say goodbye and say goodbye, full of gratitude for what Punta Umbría has given me”.

Of the distinguished ones, he has pointed out that “they have contributed to the consolidation of Punta Umbria’s identity, to the formation of a common feeling based on progress, plurality, diversity and tolerance”.

The April 26 Awards have gone to Juan Iglesias Lago, Fernando Barranco Molina, Manuel Blanco Camacho, Carmen Toledo Muñoz-Cobo, the group ‘La Otra Orilla’ and the Puntanimals association.

De Juan Iglesias has highlighted that “his passion and thousands of hours of work have made our city reach the highest levels of popularity thanks to Sport”. At first as an athlete and later as a Sports Councilor, he worked on the arrival of major events.

He has summed up Fernando Barranco that “he is one of the people who has shown the most love for our land during his life and to whom we owe much of what Punta Umbría is today.” He spent 45 years as a municipal official and is a lover and disseminator of the town’s history, as well as the designer of the Punta Umbrian flag.

Manuel Blanco Camacho, who is known as Manolo Fortes, has recognized that “the history of the last forty-four years of the town has passed through the lens of his camera thanks to the photographic studio that he and his family set up in full Avenida de Andalucía and still managed by his daughter Isabel”.

As for Carmen Toledo Muñoz-Cobo, the mayoress has been proud that she was the first female notary born in Punta Umbría and in the province of Huelva. “Daughter of Carlos and Gloria, she is part of a lineage of notaries that has attracted the attention of the entire country, since her father and two of her brothers practice this profession.”

The group ‘La otra orilla’ left, according to the mayoress, “a great legacy and exported Puntaumbrian art and social commitment in a very difficult time”. It was a local musical group that was born in the 70s, along with democracy in Spain, with vindictive lyrics about Andalusianism and fishing.

Lastly, from the puntanimals association has assessed that “in the last twelve years they have become a provincial and regional reference, being one of the most important animal protectors in Andalusia, with a large group of volunteers and great international presence.”

Together with the mayoress, the spokespersons of the different political groups that make up the Municipal Corporation took the floor. Everyone recognized the value of the winners. Fernando Barranco also addressed the public on behalf of the winners.

special mentions

The Punta Umbría City Council also awarded special mentions to a series of seafaring families who came to Punta Umbría from different geographical points “and who helped create the Punta Umbría identity thanks to their social implantation.” The recognized families have been the Hernández Rull ‘Los Caena’, from Cabo de Gata; the Serrano Ventura family ‘Los Gandola’, who arrived from Portugal; the Planas Callejo ‘Los Palomar’ family, from Moguer; and the family, arrival from Palos de la Frontera, García Domínguez ‘Los Chascal’.

In the same way, former councilor Miguel Ángel Gallego Pérez, who died in this legislature, also received a special mention posthumously. “Educated person, class conscious, methodical, dialogue, committed and with


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