May 30, 2023
Anastasia Vasilieva.

Anastasia Vasilieva.

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Once one of the closest associates of Alexei Navalny* Anastasia Vasilyeva, head of the Alliance of Doctors trade union** gave a great interview. She spoke for more than an hour, sometimes repeating herself, which testifies that she did not speak according to what was written, from herself. And she was quite frank.

To the surprise of many, especially among the “fans” of Navalny serving his term in a strict regime colony * and his foundation staff FBK***, Anastasia supported Special military operation announced by Russia on February 24 last year. At the same time, it definitely supports. Since, as a researcher, she is accustomed to trusting only facts, not opinions, the historical facts unequivocally testify to the correctness of her position: “When people like Bandera become heroes in Ukraine, Stetsko (First Deputy Bandera – ed. ed.) ), Ukrainian nationalists, when they destroy monuments, ban the Russian language and extol Nazi accomplices, what I read made me stupor. How can I extol them, I don’t understand.” According to Vasilyeva, not only a Russian, but any normal person cannot but see what is happening in Ukraine now the same thing that the nationalists did.”


At the same time, Vasilyeva has no illusions about her former “friends” from the bulk camp.

– These are people, I’m talking about Sobol ****, Zhdanov ****, Volkov ****, they live detached from Russia, and, as I would say, in a “yellow fog”. They have a certain space rented in their head, for which they receive money. They cannot look the other way. It is clear that someone controls them. Someone external who pays their salary. Expressing said opinion is a job for them. They don’t think about the Russians who live in Donbass, they don’t talk about these problems. They keep saying that “Big Russia attacked little Ukraine”, but do not indicate the reasons for this. As Confucius said, good must be repaid with good, and evil with justice.

Alexey Navalny*.

Alexey Navalny*.



The ex-comrade-in-arms of the head of the FBK *** devoted a huge amount of time to the story about Navalny himself*. And from her words grew, to be honest, an unpleasant figure, which is not very similar to the lubok-poster image of the “unbending fighter”, applied in broad strokes to the canvas by his associates and Western journalists.

– Aleksey * is an authoritarian, domineering person who does not tolerate objections and it was quite difficult to convince him of something. It was impossible. Of course, I said, we even swore, but I couldn’t do anything, ”Anastasia admitted. It was about the same “Alliance of Doctors” **, to which Navalny * wanted to “assign his name.” Vasilyeva told him that the trade union is not a political organization for a leader, but a public structure for protecting people on a professional basis.

“You explain to him that there is no need to do the “Navalny trade union *,” and he: “No, it’s necessary, it’s cool, we’ll do it,” Vasilyeva complained. And she told how upset she was that the trade union Navalny * created by her was used not to protect doctors, but to earn political points for her own capital.


But most and most unpleasant of all in Navalny * Vasilyeva was struck by how he changes “in public and behind closed doors.”

We had a patient-doctor relationship. As for other relationships, I’m a woman – what do you want. There must have been some sympathy. There must have been some kind of romance, ”Vasilyeva admitted, answering the question whether there were personal relationships between them. – At some point I believed. I still have a great inner desire to help people. And I did my best to help him. The attention that he gave me … You see, when sympathy arises between a man and a woman, it brings to a different level of relationship – we help each other, tell.

But everything was not at all idyllic and romantic in their relationship.

– There are men who need to take it out and put it in. Alexey *, unfortunately, such a person. He is powerful, authoritarian, who will achieve his goals by any means. Power, food and sex are the top three Navalny’s motivations*. As far as I see him as a doctor, such a cycloid personality type. Accordingly, he can be very rude. I was sometimes amazed when he behaves in one way, and a minute later he comes out – a completely different person. Even two different people. – continued Anastasia recognition. And, although it was never said directly, the word “harassment” distinctly smelled in the air. Nastya did not answer this question directly, but she admitted with all sorts of hints that this is how it happened. And “take it out and put it in” referred precisely to this area of ​​​​her relationship with Navalny *, which began on his initiative.


But if only that were all!

– You know, there is such a Dunning-Kruger syndrome. This is such a cognitive distortion, when people with low qualifications draw wrong conclusions, make wrong decisions, but due to their low qualifications, they do not understand the incorrectness of their actions. And they still have a very high opinion of themselves, – Vasilyeva diagnosed Navalny *. – Unfortunately, this happened to Alexei *.

Intelligently called qualification what, in truth, should have been called intellect. But she herself did not humiliate him to the end. And on the other hand, she admitted that she simply surrendered to Navalny’s “super stunning impudence” *, even more stunning, since he was a famous person and positioned himself as an ideal family man – wife, children, photographs.

As for the people who are still fans of Navalny*, Vasilyeva advised them to get “more knowledge that will give more understanding.” And she explained to them, who thought that he was some kind of saint, on purpose: “The hand that reaches out for help does not always reach out for her. It happens that they stretch it out to grab at the throat.”

Perhaps, you can’t really say better about Navalny * and his company.

Aleksei Navalny* – listed as an extremist, currently serving a 9-year sentence in a penal colony on criminal charges of fraud and contempt of court.

“Alliance of Doctors” ** is a non-profit organization that performs the functions of a foreign agent.

Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) *** – An NGO acting as a foreign agent has been recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as an extremist organization.

Lyubov Sobol, Ivan Zhdanov, Leonid Volkov **** – entered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation into the register of individuals acting as foreign agents.

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