June 6, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

Actress Maria Kravchenko almost failed the test because of her phobia

Replenishment in the star camp. In the new episode of the show, a new participant, film and TV actress Zoya Berber, will appear in the project. She gained wide popularity thanks to the series “Real Boys”, in which she has been filming for about 15 years with Igor Oznobikhin. Of course, the actor was glad to see a new one, because he considers her a close friend and a potential member of their coalition. But it’s too early to draw conclusions about the newcomer’s position.

I am embarrassed that I will find myself between two fires. I can’t connect to any of the coalitions because if their choice doesn’t match mine, either I’ll let them down or they’ll piss me off”, Zoya commented on her attitude to the division in the camp.

Zoya Berber is set to win, and she will have the opportunity to show how strong a player she is at the test for coins, where she will go along with Dmitry Kozhoma, Timofey Zaitsev and Maria Kravchenko. Before the test, some participants were very worried: Maria Kravchenko fainted during her last test for coins, will she be able to perform well this time? The fears were not accidental. During the test, Maria Kravchenko had a panic attack, which greatly upset the mood of the participants. The test was in jeopardy.

The voting once again showed that no one can be trusted on the project, because any participant can stick a knife in the back. No one, even the strongest participants of the project, is immune from the nomination for a flight.

Who will leave the show this time, watch on Sunday, April 30 at 19.00 in the new episode of the New Stars in Africa show on TNT.

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