June 6, 2023

The candidate of La Izquierda de Huelva (Izquierda Unida, Podemos, Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz), Monica Rossi, This Thursday he made a balance of the legislature in which “four important years have been lost” and which he has described as “a legislature of great paper plans” in which what remains in writing is not reflected in benefits for the city.

Thus, he has cited the urban agenda, the mobility plan, the adaptation to Climate change and that of Youth (which were approved this Wednesday after four years), the Equality plan that has expired, the housing plan that has also expired or the revision of the PGOU that has not been carried out after the end of the legislature. In addition, “all these plans do not have cohesion between them.”

Similarly, the candidate has criticized the lack of ambition of the mayor of the city, Gabriel Cruz, to implement effective employment plans in a city where 6 out of 10 Huelva earn less than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (1,080 euros). .

Rossi has regretted that the path of the central government has not been followed with the labor reform with a “conformist” city council, with a municipal employment plan that has not changed its budget in these four years “despite the difficulties with which many people from Huelva live .

“He is a mayor who does not take advantage of the wealth of the city, the decontamination processes or the capital status of the province to promote changes in the economic model” and that could be generators of employment. “In short, a Gabriel Cruz, sit-down, without leadership and devoted to folklore”, he has indicated.

Rossi has affirmed that Gabriel Cruz has followed a “continuist model of Perico Rodri’s Huelva” in a city “that has not been cared for by either of them”, generating “chaos” in many ways.

Thus, he has pointed out the lack of care in the neighborhoods, the absence of citizen participation in the decisions of the city and the conformism with the infrastructures.

In economic matters, Rossi has indicated that the pandemic “revealed the weakness of the city’s economy that continues to bet on large industry as a motor of development and on tourism investments with the transfer of land to multinational hoteliers” instead of look for alternatives that could attract a change in the economic and commercial paradigm of the city.

Meanwhile, the weakness of municipal public services was also demonstrated, many of them privatized, with a lack of professionals and “unable to adapt to new technologies.”

Rossi: “Huelva is the city where everything is covered”

Mónica Rossi has also criticized that, during these four years, Huelva has become “the city where everything is covered”, starting with the phosphogypsum and archaeological remains. In this legislature “the patrimony has not been taken care of”, with a “contempt” towards our identity that has allowed the building plans in the heads.

The candidate of La Izquierda de Huelva (With Andalusia), has reviewed the Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC) of the city with which she has not worked, “she has only been next to Recreativo and has not even affected the importance of the Dean’s Office, the club should already have a museum in honor of the history of football in the city”, he pointed out.

In this sense, Rossi has regretted that other identities of the city have not been taken into account, such as the deanery of Tennis, the Barrio Obrero, Villa Rosa “which is falling apart” or the opportunity to integrate the city with the area of Odiel marshes.

However, for the candidate of La Izquierda de Huelva, “the most bloody thing is the lack of care for people’s lives” in a city where not a single public housing has been built in the last four years. Thus, Huelva continues to have one in three people from Huelva at risk of social exclusion and it has not been possible to lower these figures during the legislature. “There is no fight against exclusion, only from aid and charity” for this reason we find ourselves “hopeless youth”.

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