June 2, 2023

On April 21 and 22, the Aroche City Council held the first edition of Encounters in Beautyan event with different activities to expand and disseminate the heritage values ​​of Aroche, especially its link to the Roman legacy of Arucci Turobriga and its artistic and cultural impact on the environment.

Guided tours, poetry, music, archeology or painting have invaded the surroundings of Aroche and the Plains of Beauty, hand in hand with people with extensive experience and prestige in their areas of art or knowledge.

In this way, Martyrdom and Juan Cobos Wilkins inaugurated on Friday afternoon at the hermitage of San Mamés with Linked biographies: music and literaturean exquisite story of two lives that intersect and intermingle with art, reaching those present with force.

On Saturday, the ‘La belleza’ event at the Hotel Casa-Palacio Conde del Álamo was opened by Archeology Professors Juan Campos, Nieves Medina and Javier Bermejo, in a colloquium moderated by JJ Díaz Trillo, author of Llanos de La Belleza. In it, the trajectory of the excavations in the Roman site of Arucci Turobrigaarousing public interest in the ways of life of a city that began to surface in 1996.

“Aroche is now an example of good practices in terms of heritage management, since it has managed to combine the four basic pillars in the value chain: research, protection, conservation and socialization”, explained Nieves Medina, professor of archeology and local archaeologist. .

The day of ‘La belleza’ continued with the opening of the painting exhibitions by Mario Marín, with the series The wallsand Faustino Rodríguez, with Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The artists, presented by Pablo Sycet, author of the poster for the event, discussed the concept of art and its expression through his works.

Next, Juan Villa presented his novel Mal Tiempo, a story about stories during the Civil War that was very well received by residents and visitors. Antonio Muñiz, philologist and mayor of Aroche, joined this activity, enriching the dialogue through the different stories that he also collected in 2007 through The Silenced History.

In the afternoon, Nieves Medina, together with a large group of participants, made a guided tour of the Aroche Castle and the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Parish Church, the latter supported by the explanations of the parish priest Pedro José López. After that, the group went to Arucci Turobriga, where Juan Campos, Professor of Archeology, explained the excavation and maintenance work that had been carried out up to now in the Roman city.

Poetic reading in La Belleza

With the hermitage of San Mamés once again as the setting, Nuria Barrios and Carmen Ciria gave a poetic reading that seduced everyone through its melodious words.

Finally, as the closing of the program, the musical section of the Baebia Aruccitana Municipal Historical Recreation Group, from Aroche, enlivened the night with an educational concert of Roman music that impressed as well as moved.

“Encounters in Beauty It has met expectations, both for the quality of the activities and for the dedication of the public in each one of them. That is why we hope that it will become part of the agenda of events held in Aroche every year”, stated the mayor of the town, Antonio Muñiz.


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