May 30, 2023

Tinkoff and the Moscow government have integrated Tinkoff ID into the portal and other city digital resources. Thanks to this, Tinkoff ID users can now get instant access to the digital ecosystem of the capital, its services and services. So, with the help of Tinkoff ID, you can log in with a couple of clicks on the official website and in the application of the Moscow government The same can be done on all portals and applications where authorization via Mos.ID is available. And these are dozens of city portals. Among them: Moscow Electronic School, Discover Moscow, Moscow Parking, Active Citizen, City of Ideas, Moscow Metro, Moscow Transport. By logging in with Tinkoff ID on city portals, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get access to an electronic medical record, enroll a child in a kindergarten, pay utility bills, receive city social support measures, and much more.

Tinkoff ID uses a modern OAuth 2.0 authorization system, so it does not require you to remember and enter your login and password on each site. You do not have to enter passport and other data required to receive city services. When working with Tinkoff ID, they will be pulled up automatically. Verification also takes place automatically (subject to the availability of SNILS data in the personal account), and the account receives the status of full. This means that you have access to the maximum number of services and services of the portal.

Another important point: you can verify your profile through Tinkoff ID separately from authorization. To do this, you need to go to a single personal account on the portal and select Tinkoff ID to upgrade your account to full.

– Tinkoff ID is one of the key technological products that has historically helped our users to use services within the ecosystem without any barriers. Almost a year ago, Tinkoff ID went beyond its limits and became a reliable and secure key for quick access to more than 150 online services across the Russian Internet. We are pleased that this number is growing rapidly, and that the portal has joined the list of our partners, – speaks Vitaliy Briedis, Head of Tinkoff ID Service.

According to the deputy head of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies Vladislav Shishmarev.

Moscow is interested in integrating city Internet resources with partner projects that create useful services for residents.

– Such cooperation will help to provide citizens with even more convenient ways to register and authorize on Moscow Internet resources, which means it will make them even more accessible to various categories of users, – noted Vladislav Shishmarev.

In total, the portal currently provides more than 400 electronic services and services.

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