June 6, 2023
Doctor Kapninskaya warned that a magnetic storm is extremely dangerous for hypertensive patients

Doctor Kapninskaya warned that a magnetic storm is extremely dangerous for hypertensive patients

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According to the Institute of Applied Geophysics (IPG), our planet was covered by a powerful magnetic storm. Over the past 24 hours, it has reached the G4 level, which means a very strong degree – with a G5 indicator, the storm is considered “extreme”. Scientists warn that increased perturbation of the Earth’s magnetic field there may be serious failures in radio communications, many hours of disruption of satellite and radio frequency navigation. But what about human bodies?

If it seems to you that during a magnetic storm and within a couple of days after such a “storm” your health worsens, then … don’t you think, says Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University (USA) Ancha Baranova. “The influence of magnetic storms on the human body is not stupidity, but evidence-based science,” emphasizes expert.

In 2019, even before the pandemic, which significantly affected the health of the inhabitants of the Earth, American scientists conducted a study and published a scientific paper with an alarming title. “Geomagnetic disturbances caused by solar activity increase the risk of total mortality and mortality from cardiovascular diseases” – such conclusions came from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

A large epidemiological study was conducted in 263 US cities. “We found a significant relationship between short-term geomagnetic disturbances (magnetic storms. – Ed.) and an increase in mortality by examining data over a period of approximately 30 years,” the authors of the scientific work write. In particular, during powerful solar flares, an increase in the frequency of heart attacks was recorded, especially in spring and autumn. At the same time, the analysis did not reveal any effect on the number of strokes.

Why magnetic storms increase the number of deaths, science does not yet know for sure. Experts suggest that the matter may be in the impact on the autonomic nervous system. It regulates the work of internal organs, the production of hormones, changes the state of blood vessels (spasms, relaxation). And at the same time it is autonomous – does not depend on the will of man. But it reacts to environmental conditions and sometimes very violently. Apparently, in people with cardiovascular problems during geomagnetic storms, the reaction of the autonomic nervous system is so critical that it can dramatically worsen the condition, the researchers say. In particular, failures of the heart rhythm are possible, which lead to sudden cardiac death.


What science knows about the impact of geomagnetic storms

During various research it has been shown that:

– in the years of high solar activity, mortality from myocardial infarction increases by an average of 5%;

– in people with acute coronary syndrome (a sudden deterioration in the blood supply to the heart for various reasons) during magnetic storms that occurred during the first 2 days after a heart attack, mortality jumped 1.6 times;

– during the days of geomagnetic disturbances, the number of hospitalizations with dangerous cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) significantly increases;

– During geomagnetic storms, an increase in blood pressure is more often observed. As well as disruptions in circadian rhythms, which makes people have trouble falling asleep.


How to Stay Healthy During Solar Storms

covid pandemic crippled the cardiovascular system many. The virus also did not deprive the autonomic nervous system of its attention. Plus anxiety and stress. In a word, health is now shattered in most of us. Therefore, a “solar storm” can come back to haunt even those who have not reacted to such “little things” before, doctors warn.

– The most dangerous magnetic storm for hypertensive patients, – explained therapist Nadezhda Kapninskaya. – Such patients, in addition to drugs to normalize pressure, are recommended to take mild sedatives (the simplest and cheapest is validol. – Ed.).

In general, during periods of powerful solar flares, people need to be prepared for jumps in blood pressure, an increase in nervousness and irritability, doctors say.

If the tonometer shows more than 140 to 90 mm Hg, you need to consult a doctor about the need to take a pill to reduce pressure, – Professor-cardiologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Philip Kopylov told KP.RU. The easiest way is to call the ambulance dispatcher.

With a rapid heartbeat, medications from the group of beta-blockers may be prescribed. But this requires special indications (certain diagnoses, high risk of heart attack, etc.). Therefore, a full medical consultation is needed, the cardiologist emphasizes. For example, you can use the services of tele- and audio consultations, which in some regions are available under the MHI policy. Or contact paid medical services.

Also, to alleviate the condition during the days of magnetic storms, doctors advise:

– if possible, get enough sleep, reduce mental and physical stress. In particular, do not get involved in strength training;

– eat more vegetables and fruits, limit salty, fatty foods and alcohol;

– Drink coffee and strong tea no more than once a day. Ideally, temporarily replace them with green tea or herbal tea with mint, thyme, chamomile. They possess mild soothing effect;

– walk more in the fresh air and ventilate the premises more often.


Under what signs urgently call an ambulance

Since the risk of cardiovascular accidents increases during powerful magnetic storms, we remind you for which symptoms you need to urgently call an ambulance:

– sudden onset of sharp, severe chest pain;

– chest pain that radiates to the jaw, left arm or back;

– sudden sharp pain in the chest with shortness of breath, especially after a long period of immobility (for example, after sleeping);

– pain accompanied by nausea, dizziness, palpitations and/or shortness of breath, confusion, blue lips or face, sweating, low blood pressure.


Receptors have been found in the human body that are sensitive to to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. The number of such molecules varies from person to person. Therefore, someone may feel the impact of “solar storms” more tangibly, while for someone the effect is much weaker, scientists suggest. However, links between receptor concentrations and health deterioration have not yet been found.


Why some people suffer from magnetic storms, while others do not: it’s all about special molecules

The cells of most living beings have built-in molecular mechanisms designed to implement the “sixth sense” – the so-called magnetoreception (details)

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