June 3, 2023
Leonid Yakubovich

Leonid Yakubovich


Leonid Yakubovich has been on the air for 32 years capital show “Field of Miracles”. Over the years, the transfer has acquired numerous rumors. One of them – gifts that are given to the TV presenter, are not brought by the participants themselves, but are given to them by the organizers before filming.

Leonid Yakupobich revealed the truth about “Field of Dreams”. “Who would think of giving something that he didn’t bring? I wouldn’t have enough money to buy gifts every time. The program has been on the air for 33 years! 52 programs a year. If I started buying all this for everyone, the program would stop in a year two,” Yakubovich commented on the main rumor.

He also answered the gossip that decoy spectators were allegedly sitting in the hall. Yakubovich denied this, but said that scammers use such stories to their advantage and print paid tickets to participate in the show.

“We are printing 140 double free invitation cards! But there are scammers who sell them. Don’t buy!” – quotes him Teleprogramma.pro.

And also Leonid Arkadievich worries when a lie about his program appears. “I’m sad because angry, ill-mannered, insufficiently educated people write this in a boorish tone. This is a level of communication that is completely unacceptable to me and my environment. Politeness, respectful attitude towards anyone has absolutely disappeared,” admitted the showman.

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