June 6, 2023
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the UN Security Council.  Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation / TASS

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the UN Security Council. Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation / TASS

Drive Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to New York for a meeting The UN Security Council, where Russia presides throughout April, has been overshadowed by yet another visa escapade from the United States. Washington agreed to issue visas only to a limited number of delegates and denied entry documents to all declared Russian journalists.

KP.RU listened attentively to Sergei Lavrov’s opening remarks at the meeting on effective multilateralism through the defense of the principles of the organization’s charter and provides key quotes from this speech.

On curbing the development of multilateralism in the world

Now a UN-centric system going through a deep crisis, the root cause was the desire of individual members of our organization to replace international law and the UN charter with a certain order based on rules. No one has seen these rules, they have not been the subject of transparent international negotiations, they are invented and applied in order to counteract the natural processes of the formation of new independent development centers, which are the objective manifestation of multilateralism. They are trying to be contained by illegitimate unilateral measures, including cutting off access to modern technologies and financial services, being forced out of supply chains, confiscation of property, destroying critical infrastructure of competitors, and manipulating universal norms and procedures.

About the Western Minority

Let’s call a spade a spade: no one allowed the western minority speak on behalf of all mankind. We must behave decently and respect all members of the international community. By enforcing a rules-based order, its authors arrogantly reject the key principle of the UN Charter – the sovereign equality of states. The quintessence of the exclusivity complex was the proud statement of the head of the EU diplomacy, Borrell, that Europe is a Garden of Eden, and the rest of the world is a jungle.

On Western pressure on Latin America

The collective West set out to reshape multilateralism processes at the regional level. Not so long ago, the United States called for the revival of the Monroe Doctrine, demanded that Latin American countries limit ties with Russia and China. This line ran into the determination of the countries of the region to strengthen their own multilateral structures, above all, the community of Latin American and Caribbean states, defending their legitimate right to establish themselves as one of the pillars of the multipolar world.

On the Ukrainian question

Today it is clear to everyone, although not everyone is talking about it out loud, that this is not about Ukraine at all, but about how international relations will continue to be built through the formation of a stable consensus based on balance and interests, or through aggressive and explosive promotion of hegemony. The Ukrainian issue cannot be considered in isolation from the geopolitical context. Multilateralism presupposes respect for the UN Charter in all the interconnectedness of its principles.

“It is obvious to any impartial observer that the Nazi Kiev regime cannot in any way be considered as representing the inhabitants of the territories who refused to accept the results of the bloody coup d’état in February 2014 and against whom the putschists unleashed a war for this,” Lavrov said.

About the goals of the NWO

Russia has clearly explained the tasks that it pursues within the framework of a special military operation: to eliminate the threats created by NATO for years to our security directly on our borders and to protect people who have been deprived of their rights proclaimed by multilateral conventions, to protect them from direct threats of extermination and expulsion from the territory publicly declared by the Kiev regime where their ancestors lived for centuries. We honestly said what and for whom we are fighting.

On the pseudo-democracy of the West

Everyone knows that the West imposing their understanding of democracy by others, does not want the democratization of international relations based on respect for the sovereign equality of states. But now, by promoting its rules in the international arena, it is also stifling multilateralism and democracy at home, using increasingly repressive tools to suppress any dissent, as the criminal Kiev regime does with the support of its teachers – the United States and its allies.

Appeal to the world media

I would like to appeal to all the journalists who are now covering our meeting. Your colleagues from the Russian media were not allowed to come here. The US Embassy in Moscow mockingly announced its readiness to issue them passports with visas at the moment when our plane took off. Therefore, a huge request to you to compensate for the absence of the Russian media and in your reports to convey to the world audience the full versatility of judgments and assessments.

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