May 30, 2023
Blinovskaya is suspected of non-payment of taxes for 900 million rubles

Blinovskaya is suspected of non-payment of taxes for 900 million rubles

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

One after another, Russian millionaire bloggers find themselves involved in criminal cases for tax evasion. The pioneer in this series was Valeria Chekalina, known in social networks as Lerchik, who owes the state more than 300 million rubles. The next was Alexandra Mitroshina with an amount of 120 million rubles.

While they were detained “in order of priority”, users of social networks whispered – when will the hands of the tax authorities reach the main “info-gypsy” of the country Elena Blinovskaya, who received popularity thanks to his “Marathon of desires”. And on April 27, it became known that Elena was detained under the same article. The amount of unpaid taxes is impressive – about 900 million rubles!


After the news about the detention of Blinovskaya, a real “bacchanalia” began on her pages in social networks. Enthusiastic reviews about the courses now and then dilute the malicious statements, no matter how the moderators try to fix it.

“Is the course “How to escape from prison with one force of desire” coming out soon? Or maybe – “How to turn a camera into an oasis with one power of thought”?

But it was the marathons and courses that brought Blinovskaya fame and a huge fortune. Why did people trust her so much, despite the constant gossip that the blogger is engaged in “infogypsy”? This was told to KP.RU by a psychologist who, out of interest, herself took Blinovskaya’s courses. For 4,000 rubles, Blinovskaya provided the psychologist with about 10 lessons in audio format.

– A chat is created where audio messages are sent. Every day you complete some tasks. I did not reach the end, two lessons were enough for me. There are tasks from the series: “Release balloons into the sky, your wish will come true.” It’s not like first class, it’s a nursery. It didn’t interest me. I myself have 10 diplomas. There was also a task to throw the rubbish out of the apartment in order to clean my thoughts. For failure to complete tasks, they simply delete them from this chat, ”recalls the psychologist.

The blogger showed in social networks how she lives in a big way

The blogger showed in social networks how she lives in a big way

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV


Simple tasks supposedly should help a person get closer to his dream, but is it really so?

– Even if you give a stone in a person’s hand and present it correctly – say that it is magical, wonderful, fulfills wishes, then this can only work as a placebo effect. It happens that people are given a dummy pill and they say that it will cure you of a fatal disease, – Naila Birarova is sure.

On the strength of someone else’s faith, Blinovskaya, judging by the amount of unpaid taxes, earned almost a billion rubles. The coach also preferred to live in a big way. So, in August 2021, she spent about 120 million rubles to celebrate her own birthday. The first Russian stars danced and sang on it. The hosts were Ksenia Sobchak and Ivan Urgant. But such an image of a “diva”, as it is not surprising, helped Blinovskaya to sell her own courses even more.

– In general, any course is based on the fact that a coach is the end point to which a person can come after passing the same marathon. But one nuance is never taken into account – everyone has different initial data. Someone’s husband gives 400 million rubles for start-up capital, and someone starts with 20 thousand rubles. The second, probably, will need several lives to come to the same result. Here it is important to understand what your initial data is and not to feed yourself with illusions, the psychologist concludes.

Now Elena Blinovskaya has been detained. Considering that the blogger was caught trying to escape abroad, the measure of restraint for her may not be house arrest, as in the case of the Chekalins, but a couple of months in jail.


Detained for non-payment of 1 billion taxes, Elena Blinovskaya awaits trial and a cell with homeless people

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