June 1, 2023

HeadHunter infographic

The Research Service of hh.ru, the largest Russian online platform for finding jobs and employees, conducted a survey among employees and job seekers of Kuban and found out whether residents of the region are ready to take those jobs that are usually invited to migrant workers, and if so, then what conditions.

Employed residents of the Kuban more often than other Russians answered that they were ready to take the jobs of labor migrants – half (48%) of the respondents of the Kuban admitted this, this is the highest figure in the country (in Russia as a whole, this figure is significantly lower – 32%). Most often, they are ready to consider employment in positions previously occupied by labor migrants, representatives of the restaurant, hotel and tourism business, logistics and transportation, sales, construction, and retail trade.

At the same time, 22% of the interviewed Kuban residents are definitely not ready to take the jobs of labor migrants, another 7% believe that foreign citizens should continue to work in these jobs. The rest hesitated to answer.

“Meanwhile, residents of the Kuban, who are ready to replace labor migrants, agree to do this only on certain conditions: the work performed must correspond to the profession of the applicant, good working conditions must be created in the company, the salary must be higher than that received by labor migrants,” comments Anastasia Kabinova , hh.ru analyst Yug.

Recall that according to the results of a recent survey by the research service hh.ru, more than half (56%) of working residents of the Kuban believe that there are too many labor migrants in the region (a year ago, 55% of the surveyed residents of the region answered this way).

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