June 1, 2023
Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva.


Philip Kirkorov first spoke about the departure of Alla Pugacheva from Russia. The singer called the real reason why his ex-wife was forced to leave her homeland. According to Kirkorov, Alla Borisovna went on about Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia). The artist is sure that she did this simply by following her husband, and not because of dislike for the Motherland.

“The fact that Pugacheva left the country does not mean that she does not like Russia. As a husband’s wife, a faithful woman, she followed her husband. She doesn’t go left. I went. As my mother used to say, “went down an inclined plane.” But only when I realized that everything was over and she had another, ”Kirkorov said in an interview. aif.ru.

Despite the fact that Galkin now allows himself to let go of the barb against Kirkorov from the stage, Philip says that he still considers Maxim and Alla to be close people. They did not communicate for many years, but the singer still fondly recalls the years spent in marriage with Pugacheva. Philip regrets that he preferred a career over family life with her.

Philip Kirkorov.

Philip Kirkorov.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Unlike the ex-wife, Kirkorov does not even think about emigration. According to Philip, he considers his move from Russia to be impossible.

“I completely ruled out this possibility. Although, having Bulgarian roots, he could easily live in Bulgaria or somewhere else in Europe. But I can’t live without Russia. I’m going abroad, but after a couple of weeks I’m already drawn back,” said the artist.

Kirkorov says that in Russia he is kept by friends, father Bedros Kirkorov, home and spectators. In addition, his children Martin and Alla Victoria love their country and the school they attend.

In January of this year, Vladimir Zelensky imposed sanctions against 119 Russian cultural figures. Philip Kirkorov was also among the artists banned in Ukraine. The singer then turned to Zelensky through social networks. Philip stressed that the President of Ukraine is dancing to the tune of his overseas masters.

“I am very sorry for him and the people close to me from Ukraine, unfortunately, fanatical people who have captured propaganda and news agendas do not allow people to hear their relatives, friends and other alternative opinions and news. In the meantime, I was lucky, only my songs were banned, ”wrote Kirkorov.

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