June 1, 2023

Huelva Justice Officials They have demonstrated again this Tuesday at the gates of the Palace of Justice in Huelva during the strike hours -from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.- called for the seventh day, since last Monday, to demand a decent salary increasein line with that approved for lawyers. Again, the strikes have had a massive support close to 90 percent by the 500 civil servants affected in Huelva.

The officials came to cut the Alameda Sundheimwhile they chanted “Strike, strike, strike, if this is not fixed”, “There is no Justice without officials”, “Join us, look at us”, “Minister Montero, open your wallet”, “This is Leo -referring to the new law- is bullshit”, “Justice is on strike and the minister is on a spree” -referring to the Minister of Justice yesterday, at the Seville April Fair, “If there are for secretaries, there are for civil servants”, “Justice is in the fight, Llop listens”, “No more performances without compensation”, among others, including a Sevillian dedicated to the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop.

The strikes and concentrations have been repeated in the judicial headquarters of the province, of Andalusia, as well as in the rest of Spain, with a high follow-up, around 90 percent of the workforce. This is causing many legal proceedings to be suspended.

The Independent Union Central and Officials (CSIF) -majority union in Justice- has called a new 24-hour strike for next May 4, together with STAJ, CCOO and UGT, in the absence of an economic offer from Pilar Llop’s ministry. That same day, justice officials from all over Spain will gather again in front of the ministerial headquarters.

CSIF denounces that the attitude of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance and Public Function will aggravate the delays in the Administration of Justice that will take years to resolve. “With its refusal to negotiate and meet the just demands of the workers of Justice, the Government demonstrates its null interest in the public service that citizens receive,” denounces the union.

The Strike Committee will study hardening the pressure measures so that the Ministry rectifies: The strikes have already paralyzed more than 4 million files and tens of thousands of trials have been suspended throughout the national territory.

CSIF recognizes the inconvenience that this strike is causing to citizens in a fundamental service, but understands that the ultimate responsibility for this situation is the Ministry and its lack of will to solve the problems of a group that has been enduring scarcity of resources and a unsustainable precariousness.


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