June 6, 2023
Ivan Urgant.

Ivan Urgant.

Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

Ivan Urgant told about the call Alla Pugacheva. The showman recorded a remix for the artist’s song “I can’t live without you”. At one time this composition Alla Borisovna recorded in a duet with Yuri Chernavsky.

Ivan Urgant has long had a passion for the 80s and writes songs in this style himself. He performs under the pseudonym Grisha Urgant. Recently released his version of the song by Yuri Chernavsky from the repertoire Alla Pugacheva “I can not live without you”.

When he heard “I can’t live without you”, he immediately got the idea to create a new version of the old hit. The TV presenter was going to get the rights to the song and record a duet with someone, but he realized that no one could sing better than Primadonna.

“Pugacheva I called and said the idiotic phrase:Alla BorisovnaI want to surprise you tomorrow and I want to warn you about it.” She did not delve into the essence, but said that she loves this song very much … “- said Ivan.

Urgant received permission from Pugacheva. He noted that he never began to record this song if the celebrity was against it. “The way Pugacheva sings these four words -“ I can’t live without you ”disarms me … When her voice sounds, goosebumps run down my spine,” he quotes “Kommersant”.

Let’s note, Primadonna has been in Israel for more than a year. And recently it became known that the castle Alla Borisovna in the village of Gryaz got new owners. The six-story building on top of an 11-meter hill in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region has been empty since the departure of the star family from Russia. But now everything is different. Lights are on again in the windows of the mansion, and a chic white car flaunts on the estate.

Family Alla Pugacheva originally wanted to get a billion rubles for the family estate in Gryazi. As a result, the estate was bought by a mysterious billionaire. “He was even a little bit into their family. Today, a person already owns this house to his share, that is, the deal has already taken place with Alla Borisovna,” said producer Sergei Dvortsov.

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