June 3, 2023
US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden


In Hollywood action films, the beauty working for the Kremlin is often called Natasha and she tries to seduce important American officials in order to get secret information from them.

This time there were as many as 51 such guys, but Natasha did not use them, but they used her in order to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020, but instead to bring victory to Joe Biden. In addition to the 51st, there was also the 52nd, namely the current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, at that time a senior adviser to the Biden election campaign.

As you know, the operation, the details of which we will reveal below, turned out to be successful, but one of its consequences turned out to be that the world is currently on the verge of the Third World War, although many believe that it is already underway, but so far without the use of nuclear weapons.

What did Natasha Bertrand, a journalist for the influential Politico, do?

The answer, albeit indirectly, was given by former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell during his testimony to the legal and intelligence committees of the US House of Representatives. Morrell stated under oath that Blinken, then a senior adviser to presidential candidate Joe Biden, called him and implicitly implied the need to collect signatures from prominent national security officials on a statement that would claim that the “laptop from hell” of President Hunter’s son, which contained tons of compromising evidence on him and other members of the Biden family has “all the classic signs of a Russian information operation.”

Anthony Blinken.

Anthony Blinken.


Morrell, who made no secret of his support for Biden, managed to gather 51 signers, including many from the Who is Who directory, including former CIA Director John Brennan, former Deputy Homeland Security Officer James Clapper, then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and others. and introduced Natasha, who was leaked this statement and she was the first to publish it in Politico magazine, after which this sensation was picked up by the rest of the media. Of course, Biden himself and his team used it in their election campaign and, as it turned out, very successfully,

In fact, Russia had nothing to do with Hunter’s laptop and the information in it that compromised the Bidens, but alas, all this was revealed later. However, if this had been known before Election Day, then all opinion polls show that Trump would have won.

As for Natasha, she was not offended and, moreover, for her role in this story, she received a promotion to the position of senior international correspondent at CNN.

Now congressmen are demanding that Blinken name everyone with whom he communicated about the preparation of this statement and present all documents related to this case. They gave Blinken a deadline of May 4, but it turned out that there was more to come.

In addition to intelligence officers and Blinken, a scandal flares up in parallel with the current Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The fact is that a high-ranking “truth seeker” appeared in the depths of the tax department, who informed the congressmen through his lawyer that he had information about how the prosecutor general was hindering the investigation into the case of the same Hunter, but now about non-payment of taxes by him.

As you know, Hunter earned millions around the world, including the infamous Ukrainian oil and gas company Burizma for its level of corruption. Speculating in the name of his father, he promised clients access to the White House, and shared the profits with other members of the Biden family, including, in his words, “big Joe”, and forgetting to pay taxes at the same time.

All of this is happening on the eve of Joe Biden’s entry into the new 2024 presidential race. I wonder if Natasha will help him this time too?

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