May 30, 2023
US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell


Chairman of the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) Jerome Powell almost never gives interviews. He also avoids public speaking, because every misinterpreted word of his can lead to turmoil in global financial markets. Although the head of the similarity of the central bank (the Fed in the United States performs the functions of the central bank of the country, having a different structure – Ed.) has nothing to boast about – the dollar is losing its position as the main world currency, and inflation and price growth in the United States are breaking all records.

But the famous Russian pranksters Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov) managed to talk to Powell. And, as it should be in the world of pranks, to do it on behalf of another person. In the case of Powell, on behalf of the Ukrainian president.

Powell stated the failure of Western sanctions against Russia: “The Russians managed to avoid the most severe consequences of sanctions. We all know the head of the Central Bank of Russia [Эльвиру Набиуллину], she is quite capable … She is an unusually capable specialist, she is very knowledgeable and intelligent. She will do everything so that the Russians avoid sanctions as much as possible. Although we still think the sanctions are hurting, but not as much as we hoped.”

He called the victims of the sanctions … Eastern European countries, at the same time admitting that inflation rates in the United States remain extremely high, because of which order was disturbed throughout the world: “We are faced with the problem of high inflation: rising costs for food, energy, and simply disrupting supply chains and disrupting the entire world order that has existed for so many years… We are seeing inflation at its highest level in 40 years.”

The head of the Fed did not rule out a recession in the American economy: “Most forecasts say that the US economy will grow, but at a fairly low level. Less than 1 percent growth. But a recession is just as likely as very slow growth. And when growth is slow, any negative event — a new strain of coronavirus, an event in Ukraine — could send the US economy into recession.”

Powell predicted Ukraine’s complete dependence on the United States. “I know that you will depend on help from the West and the United States, and I cannot control it,” he said confidently.

The full version of this and other Vovan and Lexus pranks are available in their official groups “In contact with”, Telegram and on Rutube channel.

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