June 3, 2023

Alexander Tsekalo settled in the US for a long time. Together with his fourth wife Darina Ervin, the showman lives on the ocean in Beverly Hills and leads a quiet family life. Of course, the artist comes to Russia to work and shoot. At the same time, Alexander does not lose his popularity even in America.

Alexander Tsekalo, despite his modest appearance, has always been popular with women. He was married four times. A few years ago, the showman found personal happiness with a young Kazakh Darina Ervin. The dark-haired beauty captivated the artist with her talents. The producer completely lost his head.

By the way, Tsekalo’s connection with the beauty was not accepted by all the friends of the star well. As Alexander reported, he even had to break with them for the sake of Darina. “Unfortunately, my colleagues at the ProjectorParisHilton joined a number of friends and acquaintances who did not accept the changes in my life. And as harsh as it may sound, but I will not be able to sit at the same table with them. Because this is my love, my life, my family, and for Darina I will fight to the death,” Tsekalo was taken aback by his confession.

Lovers prefer not to talk about their personal lives. Tsekalo’s chosen one only occasionally uploads photos and videos where you can see the producer.

And one of these days the couple got into trouble. Alexander and Darina shopped at a small “Russian” deli in Los Angeles. While they were choosing food for dinner, they were recognized by a customer passing by. Rejoiced at the meeting with the star, the girl took a photo on the sly, and then, plucking up courage, came up to ask Tsekalo for a selfie, writes telegram channel Most Cream.

She said that at that moment Erwin smiled sweetly at her. But her eminent husband broke loose as if from a chain. The enraged man literally attacked the lady with bad words. The girl did not expect such a violent reaction from 62 year old idol.

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